Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Baby Cakes" Toppers and a Package from Lulu!

Today I finished two "Baby" Wedding Cake Toppers. I had big fun making these guys! They will work on either the top of a wedding cake, or with cupcakes. These are generic,,,not custom orders. They may end up in Art and Soul Gallery,  or at an event a friend of mine is participating in. I just hadn't made anything wedding related for a while and the "creative fairies" told me it was time.

I had this "Garden Thingy" going on and this one is certainly the BRIGHTEST one I've ever done! I constructed a little "gazebo" for the background, complete with a bird fountain.
The text is a bit hard to read, but says, "Happily Ever After."

The second one is a bit more subdued, and like many as of late, I love working with these aquas, beiges and
bits of brown. I found a big old song book from the 50's in my basement and used part of a "Spring" song on this one.

When I started working on the first one (top piece) I was trying to decide how to fashion a birdbath for my "gazebo" when all of a sudden a thought came to me. I cut a spun cotton ball in half with the little hole top center. Then I used a vintage plastic candle holder (like you'd use on a cake or cupcake) and hot glued that into the cotton base. Then added a couple of really tiny doves and glittered the daylights out of it!

I had so much fun making the first "birdbath" that i felt compelled to make another for this one.
TP roll Gazebo's and candle holder Birdbaths, Fun projects!

Tomorrow I'm constructing the Eiffel Tower out of Toothpics!
(just kidding)

I was just getting ready to sent this post to that Great Blog Publisher in the Netherworld, when my son Andrew announced I have a package,,,,,,,,From Lulu!  Ooooooooh!

Oh my Stars! The box weighed a ton! And, there is a box within the box! "Things to have Fun With!"
Lulu told me she was sending me some "Wellies" aka Garden boots, and well, they are just too cute! I think I'll just post this tease and show you what's in the box(es) tomorrow! Ackkkkkkkkk!

Have a good evening! Stay posted, I'm almost at 100 posts, and I promise a fun Giveaway!


(Dying to dig into that box!)


  1. Oh Shelly - these are simply adorable! I thinkyou have the most original and creative ideas when it comes to your creations! People are going to go wild for these!

    Love-Love-Love your new blog design. Simply beautiful! Just perfect for YOU!!!

    Sorry I have been away for a while~~~ been kinda busy around my little corner of the world!



  2. Vicki (above) has the most precious BRAND spankin' new grandbaby! Pop over to Two Bags Full to see her gorgeous pics~!


  3. Ahh Shelly..LOVE the new blog design! My apologies for not visiting as often as I'd like to..been over the top busy at the easel of late. I'm seriously trying to do better with catching up with my new friends.

    Here's hoping you and the ones you love have a wonderful weekend!

    Blessings, Love & Thursday Sunshine, Terri

  4. These are just beautiful! I love the look and feel of them. I need to highlight your goodies on hip weddings for sure.


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