Thursday, April 15, 2010

Finally pulled out the Sewing Machine!

Karen from Graphics Fairy has been posting some really fun French prints as of late. And, on several of her "Brag Mondays" gals have been showing wonderful pillow and lampshades made from some of Karen's Graphics. Well today, I put two and two together and decided to try my hand and a transfer for a pillow I'll be giving away tonight at our "Junk Swap Party.
It's not perfect, I actually scorched it a bit with the iron,,,but in this case, I think it just makes it look more Vintage!
I sewed the transfer onto burlap and trimmed the image in vintage cotton lace and some fun rayon ribbon with French writing. I think I'll be headed out tomorrow to get some more transfer sheets and try a few other things! Too fun, although working down in my studio in this 90+ home, I managed to flip the breaker! Apparently a really hot iron can do that!

I also made a "Garden" related item as tonight, that is our theme,,,,,,,,,I saw one of these funky "plant book wraps" in a book Kay got from Jana yesterday at her Birthday Soiree. So,,,,,I played "Super Woman and ripped a few books apart,,,,,,added some cut burlap (can you sense a theme here?) and some Vintage ribbon and lace,,,,,,,and here's a pot of Lavendar all "tied up." This "book wrap" can be slipped off or untied for watering! Fun and fast to make!

Then I made a little hostess gift for Penny. It's just a mini-urn that I embellished with moss, pea hen feathers, curly willow, and an old jello/custard mold.

Okay,,,,,,off to Bake a Brie in Puff Pastry,,,,,,and clean up and change for the party at Penny's! I'll post pics tonight or tomorrow of our Swap!

How our Swaps Work-

You might think about creating your OWN swap group, it's really fun and truly, you don't have to spend a nickel if you don't want to,,,,,,,,well other than food and beverages for the event.

Here's how it works: We get a group of women together and everyone brings two items. They can be "Junk" or castoffs you no longer use or hand crafted items. Sometimes we have a theme, like tonight. For our Garden theme tonight you bring ONE garden related item,,,,and one other item to swap.

We put all the items in another room, say a dining room or kitchen table out of the mainstream.,,,,so it's supposed to be kind of anonymous.

While consuming mass quantities of lovely food and beverages, we draw numbers "out of a hat" based on the number of guests.

Whoever gets #1,,,,goes first, then #2,,and so on and so on.  When the first round is over,,,we draw and start again! And everyone goes home with new goodies from the swap!

Okay, timer went off, wish me luck on the Brie and getting a good number in the draws tonight~



  1. Your creations are just wonderful! The swap party sounds like so much fun - what a great and fun idea! Enjoy your party - can't wait to see what you get! Be sure and share!

  2. LOVE love love the book/plant idea.. and the transfer pillow! way cool

  3. So sweet! I am going to try that pillow idea soon.... I have the transfer paper and everything... ;) One of these days, right?

    I love all the burlap, so simple, so wholesome.

  4. Wow Shelly, the pillow turned out great!!! You did a wonderful job, and yes I think the little scorch adds a nice vintage patina! The swap party sounds like so much fun, what a great idea.



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