Saturday, March 6, 2010

Junk "Finds" from Timi's wonderful event last night and a moment of silence,,,,for "Huey"

Okay, so last night??  I posted about Timi's wonderful "Collection's" Event in Bothell.

 It was very fun! But very crowded  (but I'm sure that was a good Event  for my dear Timi and her Vendors.) So, my pics weren't very good,,and my dear friend Kelly was ready to wrap it up and head home to her hubby (She's an ER nurse, and has been working extra shifts and was ready to go home after about  90 minutes of hunting/shopping  and have dinner with- "
"the Hubbs", aka, Michael.)
 So,,,,,,,I said ,"give me a couple" and I ran around snapping photos like a mad woman for a  very few minutes  (see yesterdays post) and I MISSED so much and so many! Not Kell Bell's fault, as there were just so many bodies in front of booths,,you couldn't take photos!,,,,,,but I think that was a GOOD thing for Timi and her Vendors!!

Ackk! But here are pics of what I found,,,,,and a few links below  you should check out if you haven't. These women are wonderful,,,great creations and "finds" abounded,,,,,,,and I wish I could tell you about ALL the vendors, for it truly was a lovely event! ,,,But here's what I found.......

Check out my lovely "Star Wand" from Melaine,,,,"Me-laine",,,,,NOT Melanie......... please make note! Of "My Sweet Savannah,",,,,,,,her blog and her creations, interior design and photos, her insight and her spirirt- okay and I LOVE her music choices,,but I am a Country Girl! They are all  SO beautiful! If you have never been to her blog, You aren't really living!!! Truly! Go to:
I found some great vintage velveteen ribbon in one of the booths, as well as some vintage cupcake picks of various birds!
The wonderful Vintage "Poodle paper" that Mary gave me or "stuffed in my bag" from Annies on first.
Please check out their blog,,,,,the store is wonderful and I love all these women!!! (Thanks Mary, see my blog post yesterday for "Mary's Shop"

And then there were, "Huey and Louie",,,,from my childhoood cartoons,, or maybe yours, too? You might remember, Huey was the big lovable one with NO brain,,and "Louie" kept him in line, Well, my Black Lab "Shadow" saw Huey, apparently and it was love/lust/or threat at first site,,,,,that said, "Huey has gone to the great beyond," the great "duckpond in the sky" for while I was posting about the event last night...........Moment of silence  please, for "Heuy." I'm not sure of the Vendor that had these darlings,,,,I'd love to (God forbid, not replace, "Huey" but give "Louie a companion!

Sidebar: Thanks for the update, here is the blog link for the cute little duckies as of 3/9/10
Her booth was darling and I may add to my duckie collection!
Thanks for sharing the info!

Before the "Union," But this didn't turn out pretty..............

Destruction and Mayhem,,,,,,,,,,"thanks Shadow",  my love, for saving me from the "apparently" EVIL duck in our midst. "Dewey" is now safely ensconsed on the mantel! (Bow your head and give a moment of remembrence for Huey,,for "he was brave and strong",,,,,although NOT all  that smart!) Shadow saw fit to "send" him to a "better place" apparently.

Blogs you might like to visit, given said event:
Cute and Creative Trisha, my Junk Swaping  Party friend had a  Great booth,,,,,,and given the alloted time  and photo restraints I didn't post any pics,,,,,BUT, she is SO fun and creative,,,,,,, click on her link above, stop BY and say hi!

Queen of Tarte had a lovely booth!
That's where I got my fun "loving cup, or trophy that I will embellish! Their booth was Too fun!

And, as shown, I bought that cute Yellow floral chest of drawers with the Vintage print paper for my studio/craft room! Too fun!  This came from Her booth was amazing! I look forward to seeing her at future events and following her blog!

There were Many other Vendors and Visitors! Stop by Deb Kennedy's  fantastic and creative blog: (Waves out to her hubby! He is a good sport!)
Check out:

(Lisa, come to Snohomish and I'll give YOU lunch and the grand tour as I did Beth!-My treat, my dear!)

And, of course, my dear co-worker/ and dear friend Jana, that took some awesome photos and posted last night:

Oh shoot! I'm sure there are many more links and blogs,,,,,and IF I think of or hear of other links, I hear of, I'lll post them later to this post!
But it was SO fun to see you all and DO this event, and again, thanks Timi. for getting us all together, in one way or another!!

Hugs,,,,,and I'll rack my brain/posts and emails  and maybe add a few!!!



  1. Aw Shell, you are so sweet! I'll give Bob the shout-out!

    I did post some pix on the Retreat blog but not as many as I would have liked to. Like you, many of mine were blurry and filled with so many people that you couldn't see the treasures! Tiffany at ShabbyScraps posted some of her photos of the event on the Come Junk With Us Facebook Page, too!

    Deb @ Retreat

  2. Sounds like a fun time!!
    Poor little duck!
    You have a good Sunday as well.

  3. Awwwwwww poor duckie!

    You get to go to the most fun places! Loved seeing all the pictures :)


  4. What an adventure! It must have been a wonderful day - aren't those days spent shopping for stuff to make other stuff with the best!? I'm sure you will have a blast! Have a great week, Kristin xo

  5. OMG poor Huey! Wow he had a horrible death didn't he. Poor thing did not have a chance!
    I do wish I lived near you gals cause I would of been right in the middle of all that junk and we would of had to stayed a lot longer than 90
    You know I have a Temptation Mondays on my site if you ever want to list something please do....
    Love your site and no I can't believe you loaned your Kindle for 5 days...I need to learn more about them to see if it is something I should invest in.
    Take care

  6. You must of been first in the door, those ducks went fast, I have another batch on order and I will let you know when they come in. Linda,


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