Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kids, Crafters and Seniors, Oh my! Fun Day!

Today was the "First Annual Bonnet Making Session" held at our lovely new Senior Center, in conjunction with the Boys and Girls Club of Snohomish. We didn't have a large turnout, but it was very fun and fortunately NO Tears or Glue gun burns. I think everyone had a pretty good time!

I reallly want to thank my friend Rita from Joyworks and her Grandaughter Melee' for helping out. Rita helped the Seniors with their bonnets and both She and Melee' helped clean up and pack things up afterwards!!! Big helpers! You guys are the Best!

Here's a few fun photos from our creative session today!

The little Sweetie on the right, was happy to just be a princess, in her crown and tulle!

Here's Melee',,,I think she has a TRUE calling as a future artist! Mom and son getting creative!

Senior Divas, getting ready for the  Easter Parade next weekend!
  Serious stuff, where are the cupcakes?                  My dear Rita  helping the Seniors!

My dear neighbors, Jana and Bella,,,,,,crafters extrodinaire! Look at that technique and concentration!

Fun Day! Thanks for all that helped out by donating supplies, equipment, the Senior Center, Boys & Girls Club, Chamber of Commerce and Sunrise Assisted Living!

Can't wait to see all the Bonnets next Saturday in the Parade and Bonnet Contest!!



  1. Awwwwwwww, now fun was this??? I love things like this!

    I hope you are feeling so much better my dear.


  2. I'm slowly but surely feeling better, thanks Lulu! I sound a bit like a baritone frog,,,but it beats the "mouse" squeek" of last week!

    It was a fun day! I'm going to make notes to make it just THAT much better next year! Dang,,those ladies and their walkers were cute!

    Hugs and "Pieces!"


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