Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Snohomish Antiques and Arts Faire-May 15th, register now!

Well, there you have it. Your going along, working on your event and SOME (Ahem, a certain dedicated  City employee who is very dedicated and zealous woman comes to mind!)  SHE comments that you need to promote another event! (See comment on yesterdays post). Not a problem, because I love and support this event!!! But missy, you'd just better come "armed" with a glue gun to help make Bonnets at the Senior Ctr!!

So, here's the deal. Last year Annie from Annie's on First initiated and organized our first Antique and Arts Faire here in Snohomish. It was WONDERFUL!!! Our main historical corridor, 1st street, that runs parallel to the river (and chalked full of normal delightful shops including Joyworks (plug) ) was host to Antique, Crafting and Artistic Vendors. It was a wonderful event, especially for the first year!

This year, we are sure to have a larger turnout of both vendors AND shoppers.
 Make note:
Antiques and Arts Faire
Saturday, May 15th on 1st Street in Snohomish, Washington
Antique appraiser Mike O'Dell will also be on hand to appraise your antiques at no charge!
for Vendor registration or more information~

Do I live in a great communty, or What????
I will post the other city wide events in my sidebar very soon as a reminder of events sponsored by the Chamber, the Historical Society,  and Garden Club through December of this year.

But for now, I'm getting ready for the Easter Bunny and all the kids!!!


  1. i loved the antique faire last year! all the ladies, and some husbands, worked so hard to make it happen. i am so looking forward to this years faire!

  2. It was awesome, wasn't it? Pray for good weather again this year! But even if we don't get it, it should be a fantastic event!

  3. Do you know what I just realized looking at this post. I have this vintage yearbook from 1936 from Snohomish High School. I kept thinking your town sounded familiar. It is full of signatures and photos. :)

  4. Thanks for the flowers Shell..you are so thoughtful. Thanks for posting info on the Antique Faire, you are way ahead of me and I'm one of the organizers!! Talk to you later.

  5. Hi Shell,
    I'm so glad you got the yellow chest. It was one of those "I'm never going to sell this" purchases I made a few years ago... I'm just glad it went to a good home. I am changing everything around in the house, who knows what will be for sale next??
    Would love to go to the Antique Faire. I will have to check the calender!

  6. Hi Shell,
    Just tried to leave a comment and don't know what happened.. Hope I'm not repeating myself, wasn't so interesting that you would want to read it twice.... Anyway, I just wanted to say, I'm glad you got the yellow chest. It is one of my absolute favorite items ever!
    It was such a great show, hope to get up your way again soon!


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