Thursday, March 11, 2010

One World One Heart event,,,,,lovely gifts I won..and wonderful new blog friends as a result!

I recently participated in the One World One Heart Blogging event.....There were over 1,000 participants all over the world. I'd highly suggest that any of you bloggers  that didn't participate Do So Next year! I found SO many interesting blogs and participants. What I didn't like was people that just linked onto a blog, without really LOOKING or learning about the blogger and posted "pick me, pick me." Frankly I think in a lot of cases, the people that posted didnt even get to KNOW about the bloggers giving something or even knowing what they were actually in the running for. I don't think that was/is Lisa Swiftka's intent, who has orgainzed this lovely event for the past several years.

 The premise was, you went and checked out new blogs and posted a comment and you may be eligible to win their giveaway(s). I never had a chance to visit ALL the blogs,,,,,,two weeks was a long time, but not to visit and explore over a 1000 blogs and I kind of chose the blogs I visited based on the names,,,,and their interests.

That all said,,I won 6 prizes, from six amazing women and blogs. Here's some pics of some of my booty!

I won, I won, I won! Gorgeous Pearl and Tiger's eye hand crafted earrings from Nancy in Grand Rapids:
 See Nancy's other creations at:
I wore them with my pearl necklace to Luanne's "Joyworks" Birthday Celebration the first day I recieved them from Nancy! With my "100 inches of Pearls"-Coco Channel style. They were the perfect compliment!!They are  SO lovely and I will think of you and the event everytime I wear them! Thank you again, dear Nancy, for choosing me!

In additon, Some of you know, I am an avid , okay, voracious reader, and I was delighted (and yet I currently curse her!) to recieve this wonderful book "Possession-a Romance" by A.S. Byatt,  from the "Ravenous Reader." Wonderful, delightful, cereberal, symbolic and addictive!
Thank you  my dear, we will share dialog of this somewhat shortly!

Although I read books as quickly as most folks drink or breathe, this is a very poetic and very cerebral read! I'm enjoying it so! But also cursing the "giver" for it is hard to set aside. Visit her blog about books and critiques! Thanks,,,,,I THINK, I'll get back to you on this one.
(I tried to click and Drag book cover pic up here, but the program didn't allow me, therefore, book cover is last image on post!!!)

Look at this fun brooche/pin! This is from the wonderful Jill, of "Untie the Ribbons! Too fun on a Jean jacket or part of one of my bohemian get ups! Thanks Jill! Stop by her wonderful blog and say "hi.!"
Her creations are awesome, and she seems to be a DEAR! thanks again, Jill!!!

Und, haben Sie heir, schoenes bilt aus "Sabine." Sabine im Berlin leben und ist sehr Artistisch! Ihre English ist schrecklich, und meine Deutsche ist schrecklich, aber Sie meine Freundin hast beckommen! Toll!

(This is art work that Sabine sent me. She is from Berlin and very artistic and sweet! Her English isn't very good, and  my German is terrible anymore! I have forgotten SO much of my basic German,,,,but we are friends, "freundlich" and working on our language barrier!! We have become online friends! Nice! Thank you Sabine!!!!"Du bist artistisch und Karte/ Bilt ist Ausgeseichnicht!" Danke!
My photo doesn't do justice to this cute little fairy from Martha Brown in Toronto, Canada! She also made me this darling handmade card, which I cherish in SO many ways! Martha is a dear heart, and such a dedicated Teacher! I'm so Glad that this event lead me to learn about all that she is, and all that she does! Thanks Martha, and hugs to all your wonderful kids! This was a delightful win and finding BOTH your blogs, were truly a joy!!!
I think I still have one more item coming from Scotland, which actually delayed this posting a bit. Ann, in Scotland has been quite ill. I wish her well AND if she is up to it and finally her giveawy, I will post a link and picture. Mostly, I just hope that she gets healthy. And thank her for considering me!
Thank you thank you thank you! For all the lovely comments/links and prizes from this event! I feel blessed to get to know you gals and your worlds. I hope that some of my followers will take the time to
 Check out the blogs, not just "enter"
Very fun to meet and connect with Bloggers ALL over the world!!!
Again, thank you ALL for the goodies and giving a glimpse of yourselves and your blogs!!!
Hugs, Shell

Possession-A Romance by A.S Byatt. One World One Heart prize from


  1. Thanks for posting a pic of the 'brooch' Shell - sorry I didn't get out here until now but I'm hosting a three day class at my home and had 10 women here all day LOL Just now finished up dinner dishes - been up since 4:30. So glad you liked the prize! Hugs!

  2. What lovely blog you have here...My husband is from Snohomish, he grew up there...Cool! Thanks for following my blog, i am following your now. Looking forward to get to know you.:)
    Gros bisous

  3. Oh and i forgot...Thank you, you are so nice. Your comment really touched me. I love Germany, Love Alsace :)

  4. Hello Shelly, I am glad that you like my card.
    Yes it's true, my English is terrible, but it is not my English, it is Google-English :-)

    I wish you and your family all the best.

    Hugs, Sabine


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