Monday, March 15, 2010

Still Hacking,,,,,,but gotta glitter!

  • Oh dear, The image is straight,,,,,,,the photo is not! But, I absolutely LOVE the graphics of a Tea and Coffee cup that Karen at The Graphics Fairy shared with us. This photo appears a bit off kilter,,,,,I'll try and get a better photo and post,
My message added to her cups is: "One good Cup deserves Another."
 which  I adhered to an art canvas after I cut the images out,,,,,,and then used a neutral gltter around the images........Wording is just decoupaged. And, I like it because "I'm a "coffeeholic!"

Other project,,,,,,and I cannot help it, I'm obsessed with vintage postcards and images! It's a simple alteration.....ribbon/lace and if you look closely vintage flowers and glitter and a couple of rhinestones........

Not state of the art, graphic or transfer wise,  but something I alway enjoy doing! I SO love vintage post cards!

(Still trying to get healthy and this bug has knocked the winds out of my sails)
Visit Karen's Blog for "Brag Monday",,,,,,,I'm sure there are many posts much more sophisticated than mine!!!



  1. I love your altered vintage postcard!! :) It's so sweet!!

  2. Cute, cute stuff! Hey, thanks for visiting and lending moral support for our recent sale. I will be coming to Washington, but for the Funky Junk Sisters bash. Sorry! It will be a first for me to branch out further from home. I just took a deep breath and jumped in! Take care and keep creating, M.

  3. I adore that top project...I too am a coffeaholic! The sweet bird postcard (One of my faves) is also very cute. Thanks for stopping by 504 have some really beautiful ideas over follower.
    504 Main

  4. Shelly these are lovely!!! I think I must have missed these last week, so sorry about that! I hope you're feeling better now.


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