Friday, March 5, 2010

"News at 11:00"-Mass Exodus of women headed towards Bothell! Junk!

Tonight was really Fun! I'm sure if you follow any of the local blogs that I follow, you'll hear quite a bit more about the event, But. . .

Timi is having a Junk Event- "Collections," tonight and tomorrow in Bothell. (For those of you not local, that's just north of Seattle and just SOUTH of Snohomish.) FUN FUN FUN! Food, wine tasting, girl time, crafts and handmade items galore and JUNK!!!

I participated in Timi's Last big event which was awesome so I knew this would be fun tonight! I snagged my dear friend Kelly, aka Kell Bell (As we are the "two Libra Lefties of 1956) We stopped by Joyworks and picked up my dear boss Clarice and headed south to the "Come Junk with me" event/extravaganza!!!

Well, between the other Joyworks Gals that showed up-Jana and Penny, and bloggers I know such as -Debi Kennedy, Beth and (hello, nice to meet you finally Lisa) from Salvage Studios we were buying, not making creating or particpating in  this particular event.

It was one of those, "If I'm not selling, I'm buying" OR If I'm not buying, I'm selling." Such as my dear friend, Mary (Right), above. (You do NOT want to shop when this woman is at an event.....I swear, she has a sixth sense and scours the snatches up the goodies, long before you have reached for your wallet!) But ,tonight,,,,,she wasn't shopping she was selling,,,,,in "Mary's Store"  as she most pointedly exclaimed.(Annie her cohort  of Annie's on 1st , in Snohomish (far left),  helped out but THIS was Mary's stuff aka "Mary's Store.) Geesh, I love these two! And Mary shoved a roll of vintage poodle wrapping paper in my bag for future birthday hat creations,,,,,Stop it! You guys are the BEST!

Okay, okay,  so then there is Tamara, she's so fun and creative and she works and sells some of her crafts and "Annies on First." (Of Annie shown above.) I know confusing isn't it? These women split up and multiplied!!!
Tamara (above) had her daughter helping in her booth,,,,,,,,Very fun stuff!  And how CUTE is her daughter?  But here's the deal..... I ran into an old classmate in Tamara's booth extrodinaire and handed Tamara my digital camera. Her daughter sighed heavily and rolled her eyes as her mom was fiddling with my camera to take a pic. Now, I only mention this because I had to post this picture of Lisa and I and well, you can SEE that it's not the best of me. She looked at the photo preview in my camera lens and said, "OH, cute." NOT!!!
Tamara, we're going to have a camera lesson or check your eyesight!

I also ran into an old Coworker from Norstrom, Julie (from the late 80's). She has a shop in  Garibaldi, Oregon called, Vintage by the Bay.
Now, here is something you may or may not know about me,,,,,,,,,,I'm one of those people who remembers just about everyone from their past encounters,,,,,in fact I get teased about it all the time by co-workers at Joyworks. Rita, for instance will tease me, "Oh yeah, that is Shell"s friend from 1966, and they had baton lessons ONE afternoon"......but still you get my drift, I don't forget people or old events/experiences.

Seriously? I walked up to a woman one time  at Joyworks and said to her, "Okay, I don't want to freak you out, (because I have people before) But, you and I went to Kindergarten together and your name is Cathy," right?" And we ONLY went to kindergarten together, no further school years. Kind of a weird trait, but often fun! Like Julie today,,,,some 21 years later, and we had worked together, but it was a HUGE group of women and I walked up to her and said, "Julie?" (Of course I'm always looked at like I'm from another planet, or they get that "Deer in the headlights expression, because more often than not, they can't place me initially.)

Anyway, I'm going to go catch the last half hour of Ghost Whisperer,,,,,,,,and if I'm not too tired after what I expect to be a busy day at Joyworks tomorrow,,,,,,,because it's going to be SUNNY again and everyone has spring and decorating FEVER. I'll show my little goodies from tonight and share some links, to these awesome women who were both Selling AND Buying!!

Congrats Timi dear, on a lovely event!!! Fun evening! Let's do it every Friday, K? But at least I hope you have fun tomorrow and huge crowds, Everything was lovely! I'll post links tomorrow!

Hugs to all and a special wave to those "lurkers" that I talked with tonight that follow but don't comment! Shame on you! Show yourselves......Just kidding! Glad to have you in my life in any respect!


  1. Shell, it was a kick seeing you and Clarice and all of the gang - you gals really know how to have fun, even standing in line!!!
    What a great show and a marvelous evening...

    Deb @ Retreat

  2. I popped over here from your link on Timi's FB. I'm so glad you posted - I've been sad that I wasn't able to be involved in this show. I'm so glad that it's going well and it's fun to see some pics.

  3. What a kick to meet you, too! What a lovely evening...Timi sure knows how to throw a party!

    Hope to see you soon,


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