Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh my! Kindle withdrawal!

I bought a Kindle about 18 months ago through Amazon. If you are not familiar, it is basically a electronic book device. You download, you read, and then you download the next. I read about, in my estimation about 175 books a year,,of all genres. I love mysteries, political thrillers, historical fiction, classical fiction, with the other odds and ends thrown into the mix. Golden Retriever went on a "search and seizure" tonight in the neighborhood and ended up at the end of the leash of my Best Freinds hubby, while he was out walking one of  his  dogs- a lab mix  and brother to my other dog, Shadow.
Long and short of it, Doug, my friend and neighbor arrived with his golden lab mix and my purebred Golden retrieve,,,,,aka the escape artist,,,,,,,in tow and we talked books, while the dogs wrestled for an hour or so. So,,,,I lent Doug,,,,,,for the first time ever, my Kindle for 5 days or so to peruse all of my downloads and potentially read my latest read and/or reads,,,,,,which I thought he would really enjoy!

No Kindle for 5 days? What was I thnking??? Ackk! Okay, get a bit more of OTHER things done rather than picking up a book, or in my case an electronic device!!!


  1. I want one of those Kindles but when I saw how expensive they were I was like ACK! I will have to stick to regular books for a while. I think it's the coolest thing and as much as I love to read, it would be perfect for me so I will start saving my pennies so I can get one one day.

    Love you more than my luggage!

  2. Shelly, I love old books and library books so no kindle for me lol. I go to library once a week and I love the place, I have read every civil war book they have. Most of the British mysteries. now working on American mysteries and of course there are the spy novels. lol I love hearing about your doggies, I miss mine so much He was a black lab and my hubby and I say no more dogs, it was tooo painful. Hugs JoAnn S

  3. Oh Lordy girl, I would NEVER lend my Kindle - even if I'm not reading at the moment. It would be like cutting of a piece of my body (which in some cases wouldn't be a bad idea LOL). But you are right - when I download a book then that's all I do until it's read. I've been a book worm all my life.

  4. Hi Shelly, Thanks so much for joining in my Feb. celebrate your Muse blog party - it was fun to see what inspires us all! I've posted a link to your blog here:

  5. Hi Shelley! So how was day ONE without your Kindle? What stage of withdrawal are you in? haha
    My little brother has one and I just love it. Maybe this year, Santa will bring me one. Although I have NO idea when I will have the time to use it...I don't even have the time to use my ipod nor my iphone! I'm trying to stay electronically detached as I know how addicting these neat little things can be! haha
    Have a good weekend...maybe he'll give it back to you sooner than 5 days!!! ;)


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