Friday, July 9, 2010

"I'm Schmitzen like a Schmuzel!" and Garage Sales are for the Birds!

I've really only been "Junking" and garage Sale shopping for a little over a year! I KNOW, but I always worked,,,Fridays, Sat, Sundays! So, it's relatively new to me and BIG fun!

It's hotter than a match head here for us Washingtonian's who have NO AC and rarely break the 80's! Just visited son Andrew in the Backhouse,,,,,87 inside the house!   I haven't posted the last couple of days because it is TOO blazing hot in my office! "I'm Schmitzen like a Schmuzel!" Apparently this is a Yiddish expression, which I am NOT,,,,but I LOVE it!

Times like this make me wish the old PC would DIE and I could buy a laptop- substantially more portable, but I refuse to buy ANY new appliance till the old one(s) die, because we DO live in a Country of Waste/dispose of, cast off! But today, some of the cast off's of others became my treasures!

My first fun find was this Bird Cage and Stand! $4 Bucks for the kit and kaboodle!
I KNOW,,,Shut up! $4??? I'm going to hang some lobelia inside of it for now, on my sitting porch. Of course I went to Annies and bought a wire cloache' that I'm going to invert and plant  that was $18 bucks,,okay, a modified bargain,,,,,but I'm loving it!

I found a bunch of vintage doillies at various stops -a Qtr Each~which kind of makes me sad,,,,LOOK at that Handwork,! Geeesh!
The white ones will get tea stained and used on some pillows I'm going to make for an upcoming show....

Fun Vintage hat,,,,,,photos not the best, sorry! Loved the brooche/button on the top.
This one won't get torn apart for a cake topper or other crafting, just thought it was CUTE!

I got an old Campfire Mint Box full of Postage stamps of various locations/dates for a Qtr! This is just a "sprinkle" of what is in there! Fun for crafting!

Tons of Vintage Pearl Strands on the Cheap!

Kinda liking those old Clip Earrings, they remind me of something Gloria Vanderbilt would have worn!
I may not exactly be petite, but at least my EARS are smaller than hers!

Vintage (?) Ceramic Liquer Bottle and an old marmalade Jar,,,,,,$1 each And, at this point, I'm really "Schmitzen!" Shew! Should have grabbed a lemonade about 5 houses ago!

I got this cute little container of Chicken and Hens from a Senior couple that were "set" up in their yard next door to another sale I stopped at,,,,,they were SO Cute,,,,well, the couple AND the Chicken and hens! $.25 cents!
And YUMMY!  Raspberries at another stop just picked this morning...$1-Can't get THAT at the grocery store! They are heavenly!

And my last little find was another Bird Cage I picked up for $3.

Not sure WHAT I'm going to do with this one yet,,but it's in great shape and I love the color!

So,,,Okay, I've lived in Snohomish for going on 3 Decades, but I explored places today in Snohomish that I didn't even know existed! To give you an idea,,,,Snohomish has the largest School District and School Bus Service in the State of Washington. Our little Historic Downtown area and even the other parts of the City Limits are pretty small,,,,,,,But our ZIP Code? The overall area that encompasses "Greater" unincorporated Snohomish is HUGE!!! I think I logged  close to 100 miles today,,no joke, and IF I left Snohomish at all, it was only briefly to touch on the outskirts of Monroe! Fun to find all the "knooks and "Crannies."

But it is STILL hotter than Hades and I hope it cools down before working this weekend in Joyworks! Ackkk-Makeup? Okay honestly,,,,,BRA? Oh my Stars!

(Andy's BFF Erick is headed to the Back Cottage soon and bringing his Beagle, Latte'- who will inevitibly end up HERE with my two Hounds! Or Lord, let the Canine Games Begin! )

Have a GREAT weekend!  Hope you stay Cool!



  1. Did you have fun today or what?

    I love all your goodies!

    I didn't do much was too hot *sigh*

    The workers will be here tomorrow morning at 6 to rip up the kitchen floor which means I have to get up at O'Dark Thirty! Blehhhhhh!

    Love and PIECES!


  2. Great finds Shell. I saw a few sales myself today, but passed them by as I didn't have time and thought it was to hot. I'm not complaining as I love the heat. Okay, a BRA is in order for sure as it is cooling off!!!!

  3. Are you the Joyworks police or what? LOL Of course I will wear a suitable undergarment! Spoilsport!


  4. SHUT UP!!! $4???!!! LOVE IT!!!

  5. Wow GF 4 bucks? You brat!! Just kidding. un- flipping believable, you got some great finds,
    I'm going to a few tomorrow am , leaving at 6:15 can you believe it! I must be crazy.
    I hope I'm as lucky as you!

  6. It is TOO hot here isn't it??!! Thank you for the invite! Really sweet of you. I can hardly wait until I can RELAX. I am moving to Arlington. There is a lot of cute shops down there I need to explore.......

  7. You make me smile - and sweat! OH gosh - there is nothing worse than HOT and ithas been that here also! Even a bit of rain yesterday did not cool us off!

    Your treasures from the yard sales are out of this world. You have now been bitten by the yard sale bug for sure! Can't wait to see how you use those for your creations.

    Stay cool my friend - HOT makes us be in a really grouchy mood!


  8. It has been ridiculously hot here as well. Wow - you really scored! Love everything but I am wildly crazy about the green birdcage!

  9. Wow! You SCORED on the garage sale goodies! What FUN!!
    You're right, the Jane Austen quote would work perfect for you..go ahead and take it! ;-)
    Thanks for leaving a sweet message on my post!
    Think cool thoughts! :-D

  10. Your Sch with sisn or whatever you said it is too funny. Good gosh girl do I have to bring you a AC...i would die with out mine.
    Honey you are the Garage Sale Queen. Why oh why can't we live close together...I don't ever have this much fun. lol
    Love your bargains...and you got lots of them.
    I left you a note on your previous post but not sure if it took. I had trouble leaving this one too...must be the heat.
    Love ya and laughed really hard at your comment to me. Well Hells Bells you can't be everywhere...hahaha
    Love ya

  11. I'm so jealous! I NEVER find anything good at yardsales...especially for $4.00! You lucky girl you. I did get to our local flea market that is the 2nd weekend of each month today though for the first time in ages and found some treasures - I'll probably put them on my blog tomorrow. Can you say linens from the 1800s? Yipee! But not for $4.00 LOLOLOL

  12. Wow, Shelly!! You did great!! I wish I could find a birdcage that cheap, send a wish my way! (I found 2 at that antique store I mentioned yesterday, but they wanted $100 for one and $250 for the other!! YIKES!)


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