Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Cobwebs of my Mind" Fun Hat finds!

You have to be a certain age to Ahem,,,,remember the song reference to the "Cobwebs of my Mind." So excuse the reference and if you KNOW the song ....for heaven's sakes let me know, it's driving me BATTY! Cobwebs,,,,Spiders, Bats,,,,,,no, it is NOT yet THAT time of year, but I'm thinking about it, and what all I'm going to craft/sell at the October Event! But dangit,,,,what SONG WAS THAT??? Ackkk!

Okay, so at any rate, I headed out to Cobweb Antiques today......Now if you were a local, and have visited Loretta's "Shop/Barn/Sideyard--you'd CERTAINLY have a comment in regards to my venture! But even if you ARE  relatively local, you may never have had the experience! Cobweb Antiques is located just outside of the city/town of Monroe....10 miles or so from me.

I don't go there often....because it is overwhelming! To say that it's PACKED to the rafters with Antiques and collectibles is truly, TRULY andunderstatement. (You may gain some understanding based on the fact that when I DO go, I "stash" my purse behind the counter and walk SIDEWAYS down what COULD be considered aisles.  Yep! There is STUFF everywhere! Loretta sells items IN her shop and barn, but also in local Antique stores, Shows, the likes. There ARE some great finds,,,,,,but she doesn't give "it" away and you are better off having an agenda, a certain type of "thing" that you are looking for.

That said, I didn't TRULY have an agenda, and I perused the "cubbies," stacks, and THEN,,,,,,I found some hats. Okay Hats and boxes of hats. Hats and Bins of Hats. Hat Boxes full of hats.......Do you get the picture??? Well, I pushed back my sleeves, purse safely ensconsed behind the counter and started to dig/open/ peruse...........and TADA! Score!

As previously stated, Loretta doesn't give anything away, but she DOES deal,,,,,,and I managed to get these 3 for the price she was asking for the one!

Tons of Vintage flowers,,,,,to craft with!  I KNOW, sometimes it is hard to take these babies apart,,,,but I only "pluck" when it seems a worthy result!

Look at the fun Blue one! This was a child's hat,,,,,and I'm not sure yet whether I'm going to leave it in one piece and modify it for a lampshade,,,,,,or use it for cake topper(s)/headbands! Tons of yummy goodness!

Cremey Velvet Roses and Light Mocha Velvet flowers and leaves! Yummy!
If you look closely at the bottom, this hat originally had some red netting....Red, with the brown and creme? Well, it must have been quite the ensemble that inspired THIS hat!

And for Dessert? Look at THIS Sweetie! She's got more lucious pink flowers, Ivory buds and fun whisper pink netting! Mano, Mano,,,,,,I'm truly going to have to think twice,,,,well, maybe THREE times before I pull anything off of this! It'll have to REALLY be a special cake topper or headband! This hat is SO well made, inside and outside!

Loretta gave me 3 hats for the price of ONE,,,,so, I'm feelin' Lucky! Great "Digging" through the "Cobwebs" today!

 Oh, and, One final comment.......There is a GREAT article in the latest Somerset "Paper and Mixed Media" by Quinn Mc Donald on "Creative Insecurity."  Getting STUCK, scared, anxious, etc. which I think as Artisan's and Crafter's we ALL do from time to time! Check out her thoughts and insights!
"We all stumble and fall on our creative journey. The important part of falling is not how hard or how long we fall, but how willing we are to get UP again."
This is one I'm going to put on my Studio Wall,,,,,,,right next to the paints and glue gun!

I'm going to Garage sale a bit tomorrow and then head to the Preview for the Garden Tour tomorrow night,,,,,,,have a great weekend all!!!

Hugs and Love,


  1. Nice!! Great deal, Shell!

    Can't wait to see what you find tomorrow!

  2. Ok girlfriend, here you go. Sung by The Coral:
    There's a place where the creatures play
    I'm going there at the end of the day
    Who knows what I'll find
    In the cobwebs of my mind

    There's a face in a photograph
    In the attic beside the maps
    Closer to the tide
    In the cobwebs of my mind

    From the watch house to the marshes
    Following the signs to Colwyn Bay
    And she'll show me the way

    We'll stick together through the thick and thin
    Lights go out that's where I begin
    Now I'm lost inside
    In the cobwebs of my mind

    There's a place where the music plays
    I'll meet her there at the end of the day
    Who knows what she'll find
    In the cobwebs of my mind

    When she moves her beauty falls
    In the garden the masters call
    She knows where I hide
    In the cobwebs of my mind
    She reads my eyes
    She reads my eyes

  3. LOVE the hats. I used to collect hats and by the time I went to college (1974) I had over 85. I have since worn so many of them but.. you have me thinking about carting out the old boxes to see what I have left!!! and I have never heard that song.. I started humming "windmills of my mind".. thinking it was corners of my mind.. which leads me to believe I have lots of cobwebs in my mind too since I can't really FOCUS on what song is what!!!!! ha

  4. LOL...I was thinking "windmills of my mind" too. I love your buys, especially the velvet flowers and leaves. Those are so yummy. I wouldn't haven't a problem taking them apart to use on those fabulous cake toppers and such. You are just preserving history that way in a fun pretty way. Happy garage saling this weekend. I will be doing the same. Last weekend I scored big time and also found a guy selling fresh blackberries from his property. I am going to try and find him again to make a cobbler for weekend company. Stay cool xoxo Lynn

  5. Good Lawd! You have some beautiful hats!! You have been playing all week and I am sitting here sweltering in 103 degree heat *sigh* I wish I was there to go shop with you!

    Hurry up November!!


  6. Girl, you sure know how and where to shop, Those hats are yummy and ready for plucking!!!

  7. Oh Shell I absolutely love vintage hats! i can hardly tear myself away from them at the flea markets! These are just beautiful and so perfect for your crafts. You did good girl!



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