Thursday, July 29, 2010

Internet NIGHTMARE!!! Duh! Your Photos for my event! Flowers for you ALL!

So,,,Ahem, I don't know if any of you have even noticed-unless you commented on the "Photo Aspect of my Giveaway and got NO reply! (Well DUH!!!)

Okay, DEEP breath and regrouping! This has been a LONG  couple of days,,,,,with computer probs....So, take a moment, with me, to stop and enjoy, smell (sorry) envision the flowers I got at the Snohomish Farmer's Market  this afternoon! Gorgeous! 10 Bucks! And I bought a TON of produce,,,,,to Ease my mind after several DAYS of frustration!

,,,,,I haven't posted in DAYS! And commenting to Fellow Bloggers? NOPE! I had an INTERNET connection NIGHTMARE~~~ Ackk!

Okay,,,so you Too my be familiar with this! I have had a "Bundle." Internet, Phone (landline) and TV. Set up payments to be automatically withdrawn. Easy Peasy? You would THINK! Right?

Then, unbeknownst to moi, the company that HAD my account  with (Verizon) wasn't doing the WHOLE "package thingy" anymore,,,,,and sold out to a company called "Frontier." They sent me notices,,,,,,And I'm thinkin' "Who is this Frontier"?

Okay, so I am one of THOSE people! I have NO credit cards,,,,,,my Bills have come directly out of my account,,,,,,,and they're pretty basic. Utilities and insurance. My house (thank God and my Mother,is  paid off), and so I don't get many bills. I didn't get a "heads up" from my prior "Bundle" that I caught.

 So,,,,,,,, yes, PHONE line (land line) changed, TV changed,,,,and then, MAJOR problems with my Internet connection........It has gone on for DAYS! Mega phone calls on my part,,,,and, when I became too  frustrated, my Son's......, on hold for HOURS, truly,, promised call backs,  (Yeah right!) "Check your modem' (yep) check your computer (yep) ........okay, SERIOUSLY? My phone Dies! (Yep,Lulu and Maggie BOTH know THAT scenario! ) MY Final Call-- #5,,,and this gal named "Ivory" FINALLY got me  up and running again TONIGHT. . . After hours and HOURS  and DAYS of frustration on the phone and my computer!!!

So , Okay, Yeah? Post an event and have Questions from participants and THEN shut down!  NICE! (NOT!)

Sorry you guys!

Okay,,,,,so NOW, here's the deal,
Post your "Hoarding" and "Crafts gone Bad"-or unfinished projects in a photo/photos on YOUR Blog on August 13th~ and link it to my button or event on THAT day! Does that make better sense?  That gives you plenty of time for MORE photos and points!

Right now, I'm feeling SO UNcomputer savvy and frustrated! Ackkk! I got the bouquet,,,,and TONS of fresh produce at the Snohomish Farmer's Market tonight! Peaches, cherries,raspberries and MORE! It was a great distraction~ given my level of frustration! (Pre-re Connection!)

Going "junkin'/Garage sale hunting tomorrow! Lord,,,,I hope the END of the week is better than these last couple of frustrating Days!

Sorry about any confusions on my Event/Giveaway! I'll be contacting you ALL personally very soon!

Hugs and love,,,,,,and I hope NONE of you have similar problems with your servers!
Truly, lovin' my Blogger friends and feeling frustrated that I couldn't even LOG on, let alone respond!
Am I addicted, or what? LOL



  1. Oh dearest Shell - this makes me just want to give you a big hug! There is nothing so frustrating as having computer problems for me especially because I dont know how to fix anything! Bless your sweet heart! Seems like when something like this happens to me and I try to call- I end up talking to someone is Pakastan or someplace who can barely even speak English - and that just adds to my frustrations!

    I do so hope it is all fixed for you now. Flowers are so beautiful - but I think you need something more - like a good stiff drink!

    ps - we are OOT on the 13 - but if I can gather photos before I will try to post them. Busy time for me here - I am in the middle of "nesting" season - have 50 nests to make!


  2. So sorry about the computer crapola, what a mess. Glad you have a specific date to post for the party. I still laugh each time I think of or see that poor little rabbit of yours. This will be a fun party!
    Now go enjoy your weekend!

  3. I wondered what happened to ya! LOL Don't you just hate those phone calls where they put you on hold forever and then keep passing you to people who speak less and less English? Makes you just want to have a tantrum and slam that phone down on the counter multiple times LOLOLOL Glad things are back to normal and hope you find lots of treasures at your yard sales this weekend. Hugs!


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