Saturday, July 10, 2010

"Yeah, I've got Nothing"

I had a lot of fun catching up on blogs/giveaways/posts today-before and after working at Joyworks! We were HOT,,okay business was great! But we were HOT too! Ackk! Oh,,,,,and I know they'll be some "boos" from locals, but I even ..........shhhhhhhhh! Kinda,,,,,,,,,shhhhhhhhh! Miss the rain!!! Shoot me! Okay, just give me HIGH 70's or low 80's!

So I didn't post or read many blogs for a couple of days, as previously mentioned.....So a few updates!
Brynwood Needlworks-Donna, on my sidebar makes Heirloom quality creations and she is having a Giveaway,,,,,so go Check it Out!

Marsha,,,,,,,Sassy Mini Dolls has a great giveaway too,,,,,,,,you've got till the 15th~ Go Enter!

Okay,,,the Ultimate Today? And I think I now have a LOVE/ENVY relationship with Debra at Common Ground!  But if you get to know Debra, her blog, she is the sweetest, most loving and creative woman......
if you DON't Follow this blog you are SO missing OUT! Ackkk!

Debra replies to my posts even when it isn't the best......LOL, that is the kind of woman and blogger friend she IS! You'll want her to be YOUR blogger friend too!
How lovely is this? And go to her Blog to check out the other photos/vignettes! Yummy!

Special thoughts going out for my dearest Blogger friends,,,,,an absolute delight and going through some really really tough times right now,,,,,,,,,Maggie, of "Just Between You and Me."
If you've never visited Maggie's Blog,,,,,stop on over, you'll laugh, tear up a bit right now,,,,maybe get a bit angry and become a "Cheerleader" in the Maggie Camp! You cannot, will not, keep that Woman down!!

Lots more to catch up on and share! My Title,,,,is once again compliments of my youngest, Andrew. LOL He'll bust into a room or conversation and when he doesn't REALLY have anything to complain, boast, or elaborate on he'll just look at me and say, "Yeah, I've got Nothing."

I've got "Nothing",,,,,,,,other than praise and respect and concerns about other's right now,,,,,that is where I'm focusing my energies!

Hugs and LOVE to all!


  1. Oh MY Gosh! Surprise, surprise, remember Gomer from Andy Griffith show? You are just too sweet, Miss Shelly! Love ya to pieces. Yep, I'll be there toot sweet!
    love ya,

  2. Shell - No way do " you got nothing!". Your energy and spunky attitude is what keeps a lot of us going. You can take a plain day and turn it into something interesting and magical.

    Your ability to shine is always evident. I know you don't always feel that you do this - but you do. We all love ya!


  3. I'm with you!! It is TOO hot!! Less heat with my sun please!! Especially if there is NO a/c!!! I use it as an excuse to eat ice cream I don't need!!

  4. Hi Shelly! First, thank you for your sage advice on my giveaway post. I felt that I'd hit the jackpot, with a suggestion from a lighting specialist! After I read your words I remembered that I MIGHT have a mini chandelier that I'd purchased years ago that didn't work out for the intended purpose and that I couldn't return. I think I might still have it! I've had fun scrolling through your archives. It's my dream to someday retire on a lake in Washington State, so I googled Lake R. and love the location. It would be wonderful to be on a quiet lake yet near a larger metro area. Hope you are enjoying a great weekend! xx Suzanne

  5. Even when you've got nothin... you make it look absolutely de-vinely beautiful! You have a talent, I'll give you that! love ya, Lisa


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