Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday's FANTASTIC Finds! SCORE!

Okay,,,well, if you read yesterday's post, you KNOW the first part of my week didn't go so well! But, I had a GREAT time shopping the Estate and Garage sales today! Are you ready? The VERY first sale I hit?
 I found something I'd been look for, for a LONG time!!! Score BABY!!!

Ugh,,,,horrid Photo! LOL

Let's just say, she was less than $100 Bucks,,,,and leave it at that! I think I was SO excited when I got "her" home and went to take pics, that I didn't hold very steady! This was my "Big Find" of the day, but ......

Picture Frames
The Big Rectangle was FREE, and the small wooden Oval was $3 Bucks!

Of COURSE, you have to buy a sled in July!
I LOVE, LOVE LOVE, old sleds and ice skates! This one is really small, which I've never come across  before!  How cute would this be on a dining room table as the base for a fun vignette?
And,,,,,,a steal!

Some fun Vintage Tins and a box FULL of Vintage greeting cards and tags......
I especially loved the Box that the cards came in!

I love EVERYTHING about this old tapestry! 24x24 appx....You'll be nauseous if you know how much I paid for it! Gorgeous!

25 Cents
Fun, old packs of needles...from Sears (well duh!) the Oil and heating company (because nothing says "Oil and Heating like a freebee pack of needles, I'm tellin' ya! and the fun "Stich and Sew Gals!" I'll be someone bought these at the Dime Store! Wow,,,,,I don't even know what possessed me to think of that,,,,,do YOU remember DIME Stores???

I stopped by the local Lutheran Church who was having a sale to help someone with medical bills,,,,,Found 4 mini books of Classical Sheet Music,,,,,,,and funky old adjustable piano/organ top music stand,,,,,,,,,and some finials. Just plain embarrassed for what I paid,,,,,,so I left a bit Extra!

Just plain weird/uniqe Flower Frog

Okay,,,,,I paid $4 Bucks for this baby. But have you EVER seen a flower frog like THIS ONE? I'm thinkin' it's from the 60's because the galvinized green aluminum reminds me of the old glasses we used to drink out of from that Era..........I really love flower frogs,,,,,,but I usually gravitate towards the glass ones, or the metal variety! If you've got any insight on this one, I'd LOVE to hear!

Fun day! Andrew went with me to pick up the Dress form in his 4x4 and we stopped for an Ice Cream Cone (my FIRST of the Summer) on the way home.

Could prove to be a BUSY weekend at Joyworks, as it's supposed to cool down! Have a great weekend, and I'd love to see what goodies YOU found!

Hugs and Love,


  1. Great way to start off a weekend! Have a good one with all your great finds! I hope i haev as much luck tomorrow!
    Tammy :-)

  2. Shell!
    It looks like you had a fabulous, fun day, my friend. You really scored!
    Have a great weekend.

  3. I am like Donna you really scored my friend.
    So sorry you have had a bad week. I hope the weekend is so much better for you.
    Interesting giveaway you have going. I will have to give that one some thought.
    My oldest son from Irving just came in tonight and Christi came Thursday so we are all going to spend some catching up time tomorrow. I am excited
    Talk to you soon...I so enjoyed our visit

  4. I just knew you'd be doing some yard saleing, Wow the dress form is the find of the day! I hit a few myself this am. again not nearly as exciting as your finds! Did find a box with lots of vintage flowers, velvet and silk and some vintage mini Chistmas bulbs, 3 old wooden folding tape measures and a few other odd things.
    I hope you have a better week and great weekend!

  5. You wowed me again with all of your finds! NOTHING like that ever happens to me! Can't wait to see that dressform all 'foofed' up. It looks like that flower frog came with instructions on how to arrange flowers. Put the first flower in #1, then in #2, etc.

    Have a happy weekend!

  6. yep, you scored big with the dressform, my favorite are the frames!!! Hope you aren't too busy at Joyworks... but I know YOU love working with the people and all the people coming in love seeing you too!! HAVE FUN

  7. Oh my goodness, everything is wonderful...but that dress form!!!!


  8. Hi shell
    so wonderful to meet you and stop by your amazing blog!!! great stuff have a wonderful weekend. so glad that you entered the giveaway.


  9. Girl, you seriously put me to shame. I haven't been junking in the longest times, so excuse me while I live vicariously through you. Wow, great stuff!!! Your "girl" is fantastic, congrats on finding her!

    And thank you for always leaving me the absolute BEST comments! I always feel extra special after reading what you've left for me. :-)


  10. I really have a *thing* for dress forms . . . gonna do a post on the various forms I've owned over the years someday soon. You've got the real-deal there, Shell . . . she's old and totally awesome!

    Gonna hold you to that lunch offer . . . xo Debi

  11. What fun. If I wasn't on a major campaign to rid the apartment of anything that smacks of my hoarder tendencies...I spent part of the day shredding and it felt so good. Of course, that will give me space to go exploring sales and a shop near the office that I've been thinking about. Love seeing all of your treasures! Would be so fun to go out with you to shops and sales!

  12. Haven't heard back on email, Shell . . . lunch tomorrow? d.

  13. OK girl - you find the best stuff of anybody I know! Love that dress form - OMG it is wonderful! I just want to know where you are putting all of this great stuff! I want to come and shop in your craft room!



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