Monday, July 26, 2010

Are you READY for a TRULY different Blogging event and Giveaways? Get out your sense of humor and, let's be totally HONEST here!

Okay,, so,here's the deal! Friends,,it's time to "come CLEAN"! We've all seen beautiful Crafts, finds, Studios, Blogs,the likes. They are GREAT, inspiring, and basically WHY we look at blogs! But,,,,,,I wanted to create a FUN and funny take on things which includes a couple of giveaways!! IF you have the perfect home/studio and everything you create turns out PERFECT,,,,SKIP this event! But, like most creative people, if you live in a bit of chaos or have periodically create something that, well, turned out a MESS, stay tuned!

Still here? Admit one of the following:

You've got PILES of certain things, that you Hide or squirrel away and YOU-as of date, haven't  candidly shared this obsession! Hidden behind a curtain, door,, closet,  certainly safely hidden from your blogging camera's judgemental EYE and perhaps, even  from friends and family that  KNOW you well,,,but don't openly know about your ,,,,,ahem, "Stash." Or "Stashes!"]

Okay,,,truth be told I have tons of cabinets and closets in this old house that God Forbid, anyone could SEE! I think my biggest hoarding problem would be RIBBON! I love it! Cannot have enough of it! I have yards and yards,,,,okay, maybe MILES and MILES would be more appropro! So yep,,,I "Hoard" some things,,,, in a kinder and gentler word that would be a "Collector." But Who is kidding Who, here?

Or maybe THAT is NOT you! You have everything organized, mapped out, perfectly stored. KUDOS! I may require your services, and after reading YOUR response, we may have a love/hate relationship!

But, if not the hoarding issue,,,I'm thinkin' you've got a craft project or two,,,,oh, yeah! That went awry. Maybe you haven't actually TOSSED it,,,,but think you should! A day of creativity that went amiss and you are not proud of the outcome,,let alone begin to  photograph, or SHARE it! 

Here's a sample of MY handy work! And this is only ONE example! An Easter Rabbit I worked on with Paper clay and wire. Then I covered it in Mica BEFORE I painted it's face on! "Bunnie from Hell!" LOL! Well, hopefully, we live AND learn while creating our mistakes!

Okay,,,,this is a "Come Clean" and "Share" event! And it's meant to be Fun AND Funny! No, I'm not sending the crafting or hoarding police to your home or studio!

 You have until Friday the 13th, of August, to post on THIS comment, about your experience (s) Hoarding, And, you can post images ON August 13th on YOUR blog,,,,just link to my sight and let me know that you posted  images/stories of your WORST crafting outcome!

You get ONE point for each entry:
One for commenting
One for posting  about the Event
One more for following (please post EACH entry seperately)
One more for showing ONE picture (Hoarding issue) ON YOUR blog, August the 13th
One more for showing a "Craft Project Gone Bad" On YOUR blog, August the 13th
And,,,,,,if you post all FIVE, you get ONE EXTRA, just for "coming clean!"

For a grand total of Six points!

I'll award TWO prizes. One,,,,a $30 for a Michaels Craft Gift Card and One for Home Depot, also for $30.This will be a RANDOM drawing, so you actually have a chance to win BOTH!

Primarily, this event is supposed to be funny AND supportive! We've all stashed certain things away,,,,and Lord knows, we've all sat down to create something special and well,,,,,,as "special" as we wanted it to be, it turned out to be a  piece of doggie do-do!

 So, come clean. Who has 53 Cool Whip Containers Stashed away? Who made THAT Christmas ornament that they wouldn't even give their Aunt Helen? I KNOW your out there,,,,,shoot, I am too! So let's share some laughs and there will be OH so lovely "parting gifts!"
You've got some time, so I hope everyone has FUN with this! That was my intent!

Hugs and Love,


  1. UH-OH! I'm TOTALLY busted!!! I truly hope nobody out there has a HOARDER room as bad as mine. Not only can I NOT close the door, but I can't walk in it even!!!!

    I'm truly coming clean here.... don't judge. This is my first step at PURGING! I'll purge by admitting I have a problem, then I'll purge by sharing photos of the mess (OH MY LORD!) then I'll purge by cleaning it out and having a garage sale!

    This is THE event for me! YAY!!!!

  2. LOL Sara,
    I'll give YOU an extra point just for "coming clean!" YGG!

    "I'll show you MINE if you show me yours! GF, I've lived in this old house with cubbies and cabinets for 30 years!"

    Note to Self: Extra Point for Sara!


  3. Gosh Shell, you're actually doing this!! Good for you! I'll put this on my sidebar, I'm sure there are plenty of us out here. Actually I spent all day cleaning and organizing my downstairs storage rooms, but hey, no one would know but me!! I still have closets and a garage that are eligible, te he. BYW I just love your "bunny from hell" poor guy.
    I'll post soon,

  4. When were you in New York? You must have been looking in my closet. There are 19 years of unsorted "stuff" that I need to photograph. You're even playing "New York, New York." I just knew you were here!

  5. We moved from a 1300 sq foot house to a 3400 square foot house and in less then 3 years every closet and drawer in the house is full!!! Lets see what's in them there closets- vases- I love picking up unique containers for vases. Linens- Oh my do I love linens!! Things for my little booth that just need a little touch up here or there that never seems to get done. Then of course clothes- I just love finding a bargain at the thrift stores- hardly ever buy new these days. then blogging has gotten me to look for candlesticks and glass objects to make cute little cake plates and such.....geez I could go on and on but I think you are probably sleeping by now anyways!!

    bee blessed

  6. Oh I'm SO busted!! lol With having 2 extra rooms now and larger cubbies, going through everything I didn't even realize how much stuff I had!! lmao!!

  7. Oh Shelly - you did make me laugh!! what a brilliant event. I live in a two bedroomed apartment which is just stuffed to the rafters (yep - I have a loft!!) with STUFF I just might NEED sometime soon - ROFL!!! I promise I'll get the camera out & share some lovely bits of stash with you soon.
    I just adore the bunny - has he been to Wonderland with Alice?? ha ha!! Luv n' hugs
    Ann xx

  8. FINALLY a blogging event I can join! You're looking for non-pretty stuff, I got it! You're looking for something stuffed into a closet, I got it! You're looking for piles of stuff I have been hoarding, I mean collecting, I got it! Now, where is my camera? Oh yeah, it might be under that pile! Great idea Shelly! Next we can do unfinished projects, right?

  9. OMG! This is my life! Every corner, drawer, upstairs, downstairs, barn, shed, basement,etc, is FULL! My husband even promised me we can move to Florida if I get rid of all this stuff!
    We'll see! 8>)

  10. Oh Shell I laughed so hard at your bunny - he looks deranged LOL (and I'm sneaking in here at work taking a peek so I'm sure my co-workers wondered what I was laughing at). Dang, and I just cleared out 60% of my studio that was stuff waiting to happen - for years and years and years..... But I'm sure I can find something. And I'm already a follower. But when I get home this afternoon I'll put a link to this on my blog...I can't WAIT to see pictures LOLOLOL Oh, one question though, can you post an image in a comment???

  11. OK, I am in for this one. Gimme a couple of days to recoup and I will get right on it!

    I love that Bunny!

    Glad we got to catch up this afternoon!!


  12. OK, saw where (I think) we're supposed to post for each of the 5. I already commented and I'm following so this is #2

  13. #3 I just linked your post on my blog. Now if I can figure out how to post a picture in a comment, I'll be all set!

  14. Well, it's not really a craft hoarding...for myself. I tend to not want to throw out books so I have piles and piles and books under my bed and around it and on desks and everywhere in the house and FILLING the actual bookcases.

    my sister in law hoards scrapbook stuff. she even buys things she can't even use yet but likes and figures she'll use eventually. it's hilarious!

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  15. I made a post about your contest - YIPPEE! I can't wait!

  16. wow this post really made me think. ME a hoarder?... and I totally think it's called a collector!!! Where should I start!! OK I'm off to take pictures! should be a fun scavenger hunt!

  17. and OF COURSE i follow you!!!

  18. My husband is a hoarder. I'm not nearly as bad as him, but we have an entire room of stuff that neither of us use anymore that I can't get him to get rid of.

  19. What a great idea Shelly, Well I must confess I have over 300 gallons of paint, for my mural and faux painting business of course and I would have to say about 150 cool whip containers with mixed paint, I don't let anyone in that room of my studio. I even paid my son to organize it all, yeah that lasted about 10 minutes!

  20. The bunny is a hoot!!!!Sorry darling!!! I have been watching the tv show "Horders" YIKIESSSSS ( and my Mom is one) I have been in clean mode all week It scared the S**t out of me !!!!

  21. Oh dear - this is so me! I try to be really good about not hoarding/ collecting things all over the house, but I have a ton of fabric! It seems like I have good intentions, but then the UFO's never materialize into finished projects! I have piles and piles of flannel fabric to make into burp rags and charity quilts, and to my defense, I have made several charity quilts out of it...but there are tons more to be made! I also have a large stack of novelty fabric (holidays, etc.) that was given to me by a teacher friend of my mothers. My intention is to make charity I spy quilts, but that has never happened. I'm really hoping that once my littlest starts school, I will have more time and sanity to get some of that fabric used up!
    Thanks for the confessional time!
    winnieayala at yahoo dot com

  22. I follow on GFC :)
    winnieayala at yahoo dot com

  23. I follow your blog on GFC publicly!
    Thank you for this giveaway.

    terrymac1a at hotmail dot com

  24. Confession time: I cannot pass up a great piece of material when it catches my eye! I see material, and I see a terrific project, with lots of intriqucies! Subsequently, I have several BIG Moving boxes FULL of different materials that I have planned on making (complete with the appropriate pattern neatly tucked away with the yardage!). One day, when I have the time, all that material will be transformed into fantastic projects, clothes, toys, etc, etc.

    terrymac1a at hotmail dot com


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