Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Cast of "Characters",,,,,Amy's Birthday Part One

Oh my Stars, What a fun time we had tonight at Amy's 40th!!  Pennys home is extrodinary and her die for! I took a LOT of pics and it's late,,,,so here's the Cast of characters,,,,,,I'll post the rest tomorrow night, Company coming in the morning and I'm exhausticated!

Penny, "The Barista" and Hostess with the Mostest
with Birthday Girl (Tourist) Amy

Rita, "Les Artisan"

Sandi (Rt) "Paris Shopper"
being escorted in by "Jana" "The French Maid"
(We fired Jana by the end of the night!)

Amy with the "Fleur Madamme" ( her Mom, Clarice)

I'd be the "Can Can" Dancer/Floozie........Objects in the mirror are scarier than they appear!

Too Much Fun! Kay took this "Mime" thing pretty seriously!

Jana and Amy sister's extrodinaire!

Our French Chef Jill was a whoot! The Chicken was a bit Rubbery though!

Here's one last shot of some of the "Characters."

I have a TON more photos of our fun evening and some glimpses of Penny's gorgeous Gardens and Home!
Jana will be posting some pics in the next day or so too,,,,,,,so be sure to follow the Joyworks Postings too!
We had SO much fun, good food, tons of laughs and I really kind of enjoyed my Can-Can Dancer Persona!

Make sure you come back, we haven't even had dessert yet or opened the gifts!

Happy Birthday Amy, Hope you enjoyed your Parisian Party!



  1. Fun fun theme!! A great idea! Looking forward to the rest of the pics....................

  2. What a party! She must of been thrilled to have this thrown for her and I love all of the costumes. How in the world did you think of all of this. Just the greatest thing ever to see.

  3. Oh Shell - I saw this post a few days ago and am just now getting to it - this is just fabulous! What a fun party - I would LOVE to play like this! Such wonderful and creative friends that you have. This is a party that is like no other - absolutly love the pictures - this is the party to remember forever! Such fun!



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