Sunday, July 4, 2010

Wishing a Happy and Safe 4th for ALL~

(Image from my blogger friend Elizabeth, "Last Door Down the Hall.")

The booms, whistles and Bangs! have commenced in my little neighborhood. I'm staying HOME with 4 somewhat neurotic Animals,,,,,for some reason, Holly, my "old lady" tuxedo kitty is freaked out the most this year....dogs a bit restless, but hanging in there, with "pets: and reassurance.

Wishing you all a great 4th HOWEVER you spend it,,,,and special Thanks and Pride (as for my son, former Marine for his two tours in Iraq) AND for All the men and women who have served this Country!

I'm announcing my Giveaway winner tomorrow at 6:00pm Pacific Time for anyone that left a comment on my "Where Bloggers Create" post. Still time to enter if you'd like. Sorry,,,,I should have learned how to create a "permalink" to that post,,,,maybe someone can email me or comment on how to DO that......Got too busy crafting/shopping and having a birthday party to learn how! (A gal has her priorities, you know!) You can go to my sidebar and scroll down to the June post of "Where Bloggers Create" To Enter just by leaving a comment......
I'll send a box of Goodness out this week to someone~



  1. Hope you're having a great day. I can hear the fireworks over the Hudson River.

  2. Oh Shell - I am so far behind on so many of your wonderful posts - will try to catch up! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. My heartfelt thanks to your brave and honorable son who served to keep us all free and safe.

    I can tell you how to do the link thing if you still need help.

    I am working all weekend - no fireworks for me!


  3. Shell - for the last time - (I promise to write in my address boolk!!!)- please send me your email address!

    Also - I think while you wee having such a wonderful time at the fabulous birthday party - (yes - it was fabulous!!!) - you missed my posting on Maddy Girl's tea party - you must see it - when you have a bit of time - lots of pictures. (too many actually) - but I couldn't choose!

    off to work~~~


  4. I am still behind on my Blog visiting!

    I spent yesterday creating as the Commander had holiday duty on base so that others could be with their families. He will be back this morning at 9....I missed him!

    I am off to the salon this morning for cut and color but will be home after 2 today so give me a ringy dingy when you can!

    Love you to bits my BFF!!


  5. Hey honey I hope I entered your giveaway but since this fall I am so behind and half the time I can't remember if I took my pain pills or did I not. Lord help me!
    When you talk to Ms. LuLu tell her this Texas gal loves her.
    Also once again give your son a big hug and thank you from me too. I am so proud of him but so glad hes home.
    I tried to leave you a comment about the lake front property and I will talk to some friends that know all about money and ask them what they think. I know nothing about it except that if I don't work two jobs I don't live. hahah and now this laid up crap is keeping me from doing that. I too am like my friend Alan about the economy. Our country is in trouble because for the last 60 years we have supported people on welfare and food stamps that were as healthy as us but refused to work. Now when we are retiring and need our SS that we paid in it has all gone to them. Don't get me wrong I feel sorry for those that really need it but here in Texas you see so many healthy young bucks sitting in parks drinking beer all day and if their not doing that their catching free buses to La. to go gamble with the money we gave them on the lst of each month.
    Good gosh how did I get started on this. Now I am like my friend Alan when he gets started he wants to kick something. hahahaha


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