Friday, July 23, 2010

The Garage Sale Goddesses were Generous Today!

Ugh,,,I was going to head out to the Garden Tour Preview tonight, but apparently my "roadie" lunch didn't "sit well"....suffice it to say the only pots I'll be looking at is the one in my bathroom! ..... Oops, Sorry! TMI
Hopefully, Jana will go and take some fun pics!

At any rate, this morning, I headed out to the the land of Junk, treasures, keepsakes and finds to elbow in amongst fellow bargain hunters,hoarders and pickers. ( I refuse to elaborate on WHICH of those groups I fall into!)
 I hit a few sales,  blocks from home, here in the Historic District and found a fun Curio Cabinet for $5-this one is going to get a coat of Country White Paint!

Curio Cab,,$5 and very sturdy!

Then, I'd read in the paper there was an "Assistant's League" (of Everett), Estate sale.....and I've been to a few of their others and found some fun items,,,so I headed across our Valley of farmland  and up the Hill towards the BIG Cities!....

Where,,,,,,first thing you know, I run into my friend Annie (this is her neck of the woods) and she had in her hot little hands a doll hat, that she thought I may like! (Great minds think alike!)

(Currently sitting on one of the Doll heads I scored LAST week!)

So, this Estate Sale? The woman was a doll MAKER......not a collector, but a gal who took arms, legs, heads, eyes, hairs and created torso's and sewed gorgeous clothes.......Did I have my camera? OF COURSE NOT! She was a true artisan. And, IF you live locally and collect dolls,have a daughter, grandaughter, etc.....I'd seriously check it out Sat/Sun. These dolls were being given away,,,,considering the time and labour that went into them! Cases in point..........

Look at this gorgeous Dress,,,,all HAND MADE! $6. I had to have it, just because I know it was made with great joy and love....wowza! If you sew, and I do, you cannot help but appreciate this workmanship!
(Annie found the darling shoes and decided they were more "me" than her! Thanks Annie!)

Close up

I also bought a couple of slips in cotton muslin that she also handcrafted....50 Cents and $1

There was a whole TABLE full of Fabrics......I settled on two. Some yummy chocolate heavy duty Taffeta and a lace remnant of Grey, Black and metallic......I think these would both make great Fabric Roses!


Then,,,,,,okay Then? I found a "Grab Bag" full of Flowers, leaves and pearl trims

2 Bucks! Yep, 2 Bucks!

Oops, sorry, photo not so hot! Bag full of Pink and Creme mini roses, 2 Bucks,
Cigar box 25 Cents!

And there were ziploc bags FULL of COTTON Lace trims and I also found a 10yd Spool of Lace Trim

Great for pillows, the cotton laces will get Tea Stained!

And last find at the Estate Sale?.......

A Craft Kit, complete with Embossed Cardstock Victorian Ladies and Gents......and all the directions and unused clothing/crafting patterns........$1 Buck!

Oh Shoot, and I forgot to get the "Chippy/peely rusty" wrought Iron white flower baskets out of my car!
$10 bucks for 4 WITH cocoa liners AND to Wall bracket Baskets .......

I would have liked to have known this woman. She was UBER talented, obviously enjoyed what she did. Often, when I buy a piece from a sale or an antique store, I wish I knew the story of the people that owned these items. And, in THIS case, created them! I guess, in this case, I'll just sent a smile and a wave to the Heavens and thank her for sharing her gift!

Okay,,,,so, I was ALMOST headed towards the, I don't have a Barn,,,it's an OLD metaphor,,,,,aka heading home. But I stopped at one last sale of the day,,,,,,in a cul de sac of new homes.......Well, you never know do you? This is what I found......

"Sawyer's Junior Card Holders" Whatta?

The box was closed but the packaging was interesting. There's about 40 of these "Junior Card Holders" neatly lined up inside of the box, between layers of paper. I've used one on the left to show you how the "Junior Card Holder" works! ........(Card from Izabella inserted)  And, I scattered some in front of the box for you to see.......But how clever! You could use them to hold your "Junior Cards",LOL,,,,,or small photos.  They are small,,,but sturdy! (Nickel)  I'm thinkin' YOU want some "Junior Card Holders Too!"  $1 Buck for the noted, the manufacturer, "Sawyers" ALSO makes "Sawyer's Satisfactory Card Holders for Larger Cards!"
 No Way!~

Maybe I'll find THEM during NEXT Friday's Hunt!I have got to Google this one,,,,,,just goes to show you, you never know WHAT you are going to find!!!

Did You find any fun stuff????

Hugs and Love,

Ack.............85 in Joyworks tomorrow? Lord have Mercy, and I'm sure there is Christmas to be priced! Nothing says Summer like 80+ and Glitter in Joyworks!


  1. Holy Moly! Where is my defibulator? My heart is going pitter pat over your finds! It is so cruel of you to tease those of us who NEVER find goodies like this! You are one lucky duck!

  2. Oh my goodness! Look at all your goodies!
    I am sooooooo happy for you that you found all these goodies!!

    Love you!!

  3. Good Golly Miss LuLu!! You hit the mother load I'd say! I just love huntin' days like that...cheers to you gal! Have a great weekend with all your fun stuff!
    Come visit me over at my blog sometime...
    Tammy :-)

  4. Shell:
    I saw the doll's dress and shoes you purchased and fell right down on the floor and had a tantrum! They are incredibly beautiful, and I'm bloody jealous! You really scored with all your fabulous finds, but that ensemble blew me away.

  5. Love all the lace! And that curio? Dang! ;) I got lucky at a few garage sales myself, but Ill post about that tomorrow ;)
    Stop on by, I passed an award onto you!

  6. Wow Shelly you really scored today! I wasn't going to the yard sales tomorrow but on second thought after seeing all your treasures I guess I'll be getting up early! LOL
    I'm sending you a p.m.
    hugs Lynn

  7. Whoa! You hit the mother lode! I love all the dollmaker's treasures. Congratulations!


  8. SCORE!!! That's my favorite part about estate sales, too. Wondering about the wonderful people behind the treasures. I'm thinkin' those chippy garden baskets are sounding AWESOME! Have fun plantin' away and I just might see you tomorrow at JoyWorks! YAY!

  9. Amazing finds Shelly & at such bargain basement prices too :D Enjoy all your wonderful finds, Hugs, Ann xx

  10. Oh my dear Shell - what I wouldn't give for some of those roses and that vintage lace! You certainly did make a wonderful find at the estate sell. All of your treasures are to die for! You must have had a wonderful day for sure!

    I feel like I have been away - and yet have been so very busy here at home! BUSY summer here for me! I miss you when I am away and I am always so happy for a chance to sit at the computer and catch up with your many activities!

    Hugs to my very loved friend,

  11. Honey you just absolutely slay me...hahahahaha
    Girl I just never can get over your bargains and the eye you have for things.
    Why does God have us completely across the US from each other.
    Listen I promise by tomorrow you will have everything you need in your email box..haha
    My son was here for the day and now I am going to bed because after the procedures yesterday I am worn out.
    I do love you and think about you so don't think for a minute I don't ...hahaha

  12. Now that's my kind of estate sale!! I have a couple of girlfriends that make larger dolls as well as miniature. They are made the same way only a lot MORE porcelain!

    Wonderful finds!


  13. Gosh, I can't find anything worthy at the sales around this area!! Slim pickins down here....we all have to drive North to find anything decent! Hey, I've read every Evanovich, and glad to see your nod on the George's!! When I start to re-read Agatha Christie's again, I know it's time to find a new author!!

  14. The huntress strikes again. So happy you bagged your treasures. Good to visit again....I've been a little busy.


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