Sunday, July 11, 2010

My FIRST Solo Event Booth,,,,,in October! Ackkk!

Okay,,,I'm excited, nervous and my brain has turned to mush thinking about what I'm going to make and sell in my friend Timi's upcoming event, "Ruffles and Rust-Un Marche' A' Inspire." A Vintage Market to Inspire, being held at the Washington State Fair Grounds, October 22nd and 23rd.

Jana, is also going to do a Joyworks booth! I'm SURE That will be Fantastic! I've sold things in the Joyworks booths before and in the store and in my dear friend Deb's booths in a couple of different venues,,,But,this will be my FIRST endeavor On My Own! Ackk! It's like leaving the NEST....
 Cannot wait to see what other Vendors/Crafters will be part of this FUN, new, event! It IS SO time to have a larger event like this locally and Timi has done a fantastic job getting ready for This one and of organizing both Events and transportation/exciting venues for Junkers/Crafters/Buyers and the likes! I'm SO excited for HER and for locals to be involved in this NEW Event!!!

As previously stated, I'm busy creating a list of WHAT  all I will create for the Event....What vintage and Antiques I'll sell and Who will be part of my first little booth for the event?

I'll just give ONE (hopeful and exciting hint),,,,,and I SO hope it works out! I would SO love her to come for a visit and  get a chance to show her around a  BIT of Washington! She's mega talented, loves to create NEW things out of old, and would be SUCH a delight to help and participate in this NEW EVENT in ANY way She would like!  Co-Vendor? Shopper? Consultant,,,because Lord Knows if you meet her, she is capable of ALL That and More! Okay,,,,,This part is NOT settled yet......but I had to give you a TEASE!  But I would be delighted,,,okay estatic, to get her OUT here! Ackkkk!  And ALL of my local friends would LOVE to meet her! And,,,,that would be an Event all on it's own! So,,,if we can work out the details,,,,,I'll let you know Soon!

All that said, I'm jumping IN with both feet. Life is too short not to try NEW things! So,,,,if you have "Done" crafting/junking/ shows,,,,,,I'd SO love your expertise and input!!! And, even if you haven't had a booth let me know about your experiences/expectations or thoughts, please!

Who would ever think that a 10x10 space could create such havoc/emotions/joy/thoughts/concerns?

Would be loving those comments right now and what will YOU be looking for in October????

Thanks for ANY input/ comments/encouragements or thoughts!

Hugs to you ALL!


  1. LOL! I say AAAAACK all the time!! Gotta love Cathy!! Keep us posted, and reminded. I would love to pop in!

  2. How exciting, Shell!! I wish I was closer, I'd definitely go!!!

    Thank you for entering my giveaway!!!!


  3. How exciting for you Shell! I've done loads of them over the years so I'll just tell you what I liked best about my setup - it took years to get it 'right'. LOL I always set my tables in a U shape - one in the back and two on the sides. It makes it so people have to come IN to your space to see things rather than just glancing as they walk by. Have lots of heights on your tables so you can double your space - wood crates work well but I've even gone so far as to buy a carton of ramen noodles and duct tape them together in a three shelf tier - narrow, light weight, and cheap! LOLOLOL Of course you have to throw some cloth or something over it but whatever works, right? Little 3 step chippy wood ladders work well too at the corners of the U - you can display things on the steps. And then anything that will hold 'stuff' near the ends of the tables on the floor - a large basket or wood box, a 3 step ladder - whatever you have. I was lucky enough years ago to find a vintage double school desk which has always made a great check-out desk. Remember that any kind of cloth is your friend - to throw over your tables, etc. Thrift stores usually have great stashes of curtain panels, old quilts, old sheets - whatever is sort of plain and you can gussy up with lace or not. Just make sure that whatever you cover them with goes all the way to the floor so you can hide boxes and stuff underneath. Sure wish I wasn't on the other side of the states or I'd be there to see your booth!

  4. Oh dear Shell - i am so envious of you- I would LOVE to try to sell my little nests at a craft show! I wish you the very best of luck - and you are so very talented - I know you will be successful! Be sure to take lots of pictures!


  5. Wow Shell-How exciting and scary and wonderful all at once. I sure wish I was closer for I'd stop by for sure. I'm sure you'll take lots of pics and share your progress. I'm cheering you on from TX.


  6. Burlap is a great, shabby, vintage look and covers your tables. Definitely invite people in with the "u-shape". Have a great sign that draws people's attention and HEIGHT is your friend. Use vertical space. Hide your extras underneath the tables and have fun, really attention grabbing items at the front sides of your display. In my 12 years of marketing, I've done a lot of trade shows, merchandising and displays. If you need help, give me a shout. I'm still **gasp** unemployed for now and would love to help you draw up a plan! I know you'll do so well - not only are you super talented, but you are so friendly and good with people - you'll do great! FUN!

  7. Shell you have gotten some really good advice here so now you have nothing to worry about. Your booth will be awesome and glad you are going for it.
    I wish I could be there to help you!


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