Thursday, September 6, 2012

Living in the Moment, An emal from my Mary....

As I've been packing,pricing, creating for next weekends show today, I wondered if my "Mary girl" was going to be UP to coming. And when i finally sat down to check my messages, I found this email she posted Tuesday, to dear friends and family.

Spinal cancer removed, Check, Radiation, Check! A waiting healing period and then her cancerous kidney removed, Check! She'll be evaluated and tested again next month. I'm praying and holding my breath.

She doesn't really "DO" email. Well, a bit, but mostly forwarding Jokes or Cartoons,,,so I was surprised to read what she wrote ...

(Sorry,again a pic from our trip to Farm Chicks in 2011,,,,)

Mary's Words Tuesday.....................

Hello to my dear friends and family-

For today my one true sentence is: My life is good. It is the truest thing I know at this moment. Even when I walked in that black cloud, a part of me knew that this, too, would pass and somehow, sometime, I would feel human again. Right now I know that I have had the best life can offer. I also know that I have to keep that thought firmly with me.

I have to keep remembering that I had the best childhood, the best growing up years. I have the best husband, and I have the best family and grandchildren for me. I've had the best experiences in life and love. I have traveled, although never far enough or long enough. And I have experienced many things:

Being loved by Ross
Being touched by a hummingbird
Being Mom to Brodie and half the neighborhood kids
Being a partner in the best of marriages
Being a big sister
Being intelligent enough to learn from life's lessons
Being a lifelong friend to my dear five muscateers (you know who you are)
Being able to work
Being able to get up each morning
Being able to go anywhere I wish

My life is good because:

I know that I am truly loved
I know that my only child Brodie, my "best accomplishment" loves me and chooses to be with me
I know that Brodie, Mary B, my grandchildren and family and friends love and support me
I know that my health can be fragile
I know that I am capable of dealing with whatever comes
I know that I have passed my hardest tests
I know that I am not alone
I know that I have finally learned the lessons that Ross tried to teach me

Thank you, Ross
Thank you, God

I cry and smile as I type this because I love this woman, my "sister" who has been in my life since I was 9 and means more to me than I can ever say. She is brave. She Is strong. And she has stood by me for 45 years.

She's the one I got my ears pierced with. She's the one I told when I was 20 I was on the Pill, "Shelly Louise!" She's the one that didn't just marry my brother, but the whole Family!! She's the one that made me and "Auntie" at 15 and forgave me on my first "all alone" outing with my Baby Nephew Brodie and LOST his "Blankie."

I love my brother. He is SUCH a good man! He's a great dad, a great grandpa and, according to Mary, the BEST husband ever. He has achieved a LOT in his life, Medals in the Viet Nam War, His Phd. He even invented some vaccine that keeps Salmon from getting a certain Virus. He's reserved man, but I KNOW he has a heart of Gold. And I KNOW he's the best husband ever. But maybe that's because he married the BEST woman ever. She helped put him through College and life wasn't always easy.

I'm hoping Mary will be able to come to the show. I understand if she isn't up to it. I just have to give thanks for ALL the times she and I have been together. I hope there are MANY Many more years of that!!! I love her so!!

I'd love it if you keep her/us in your prayers. And lift those up who support and love you, every day! It's SO simple and yet, SO important!!!

Hugs and Love to you ALL and an appreciative BUS on the Cheek


  1. Dearest Shell- your Mary is an amazing person. She has great faith and a strong will to beat this cancer demon. I'm remembering you both in my prayers. As hard as it must be to be the one fighting this illness-- it's also so hard to watch a lovedvone fight this battle. Prayer is an amazing warrior to have on your side--- you are loved.

  2. My Sweet Vicki,
    You are going to make me Smile and cry all over again! I saw her email list......her dear lifelong friends, me, a few family members and YOU my dear! Wowza!
    She must think of you as dearly as I do to include you in that email list, as it was a rather short one!!
    Love having You in that caring, loving circle!!

    Hugs and Thank you for being YOU!!

  3. Shelly, we have known each other for so many years...but not really known each other well. I enjoy your friendship everytime I see you. I can tell just being around you and being your "fb friend" that you are one amazing woman. I hope to get to know you even better. To get to my point tonight, it is my belief that your Mary was/all these years/ and is incredibly blessed to have you in her life as well. You are compassionate, caring, supportive, intelligent, loyal and so loving. God Bless you and "your Mary".....sincerely carla marie

  4. Well that sure brought tears to my eyes.
    It sounds like Mary is blessed in many ways. Her words were beautiful and I hope she continues to get better every day.
    hugs Lynn

  5. shell,
    you don't know me, but i subscribe to your blog because i love your work and i love to read your posts... i call them "stories..." i have come to worry about mary and i say a prayer for her when you ask for prayers. i hope she continues on the right track.

  6. I was so happy to see this post. I haven't kept up to date with you lately so was So So So happy to read Mary's words. I'm sure they have touched all the family- right in the HEART!!


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