Friday, September 7, 2012

"Whaddya Doin'?" (Friday Junk Finds!)

Up, (not yet dressed) on my second cup of Coffee, phone rings.
Caller ID. My sweet friend Deb Bock.
My greeting, "Hey Deb Bock!"
Deb: "Whaddya Doin'?"
Moi: "What are YOU Doin'?"
Deb: "Going to get Gas and Cash. Estate Sale."
Moi: "Let's do it!"

We had a GREAT morning!!! Ever notice how sometimes the impromptu events are the MOST FUN! Because you have no expectations!!!

Some of my "Finds" in no particular order......I love this " Old lady Pink" Coverlet/bed throw. Love the colors and the floral pattern....I may have to keep this one!!

Creme lace Lingerie Bag,,,,,Love this. I'll bring it to the Show next weekend, but if it doesn't sell, it's MINE!! Ackkk!

One of my FAVE finds today....This Vintage Old lady pink Ornie...... old Austrian Crystals, brocade and peachy-pink Velvet.....Not going to sell this. LOL Love!!

Awesome HEAVY duty hand knit Turquoise and creme flecked Cardigan, some fun crochet hangers and a vintage aqua tin....

Fun old Collar box,,,with a drawer? I've never seen one with a drawer. (Deb found me these Vintage Christmas Angels,,,She knows me well.) Another fun little case.......I'm going to have TONS of Vintage cases and boxes and tins for the Show.......I'm always drawn to them.

Do YOU remember These?

Colored Drip Candles from the 60's...........I loved these as a kid, hope they'll find a good home at Island Chicks,,,,or I may have to buy a bottle of Chianti and use them myself!!!

We stopped at one sale on the way home that looked like your typical Garage sale,,,,you know, Kids clothes and assorted glassware? Ugh! But I found half full grocery bag of ........

Vintage creme Cotton lace trims!!! (Sometimes amidst the cast off kid clothes and old juicers you find a handmade treasure!) I just grabbed a couple to show you, but they are all lovely!!

This picture does NOT do justice to these finds,,,,but I'm hot (almost 90 here) and tired and I just don't have energy to make it look better! LOL But a GREAT Wool creme Vintage jacket from "BESTS",,,before Nordstrom and Best Joined the venture,,,and then eventually JUST became Nordstrom. A great Vintage Hat and some of the most lovely vintage tafetta and lace slips I've ever seen.....Some ladies are going to LOVE these!

And finally,,,,some fun Vintage aprons.

It was a GORGEOUS day and What a GREAT day to spend with a dear friend! We drove through farmlands beneath a clear blue sky and marveled at the old farm houses, shared our joy at seeing the gorgeous flowers, delightful animals and BLUE sky that graced us today. Surprise? Delight? Laughter? Joy? Appreciation. Re-living old memories, "Remember THESE?" And making new Memories. Which all started with a simple "Whaddya Doin?" Love my Deb Girl!!

Hugs, Love and a "Memorable" Bus!!

Thanks to all of you that left comments on yesterday's post-here or on Facebook.......You are all SO dear for your support! I cannot even begin to say what your comments mean. From old friends to new,,,,I post from the Heart and I hope that somehow it helps others. Whether it is for understanding/enlightenment, encouragement or inspiration.

When I post of personal struggles, crisis and adversities I do so primarily to share how I've gotten through OR how those I know and love have gotten through. I don't need a "Pitty Party" and quite frankly none of you have ever given me one. I've been through a lot personally, and life,,,well we ALL know never stops giving us new challenges. I always always appreciate the support, but KNOW you are all going through your own challenges. Thank you for the Love/hugs/support and I only WISH that I can do the same for all of you!!


  1. Hi Shell!

    So glad you had a great day out with Deb . . . two adorables out having fun. You made me smile! Please give a great big hug to Mary--there are no words for the feelings I have about her (and all your family's) experience. Yes, we've all been through so much *stuff* . . . and it never seems to completely go away, does it?! But it's somehow assuring to realize it does happen to all of us and can be handled without totally losing your marbles!

    I love your marbles!

    xoxo Debi

  2. those

  3. and that first coverlet, oh my

  4. That bed throw is scrumptious,great finds!

  5. So love all your vintage finds. Especially the lace and aprons. Just darling. There is something endearing about the past and your finds just take me back to a simpler time. Beautiful.

  6. Girlfriend-- do you ever go out junkin and NOT score big?? You've got some amazing finds here--- the bag of lace notions made my heart stop!!!
    Nope-- you won't get a pity party from me--- just lots of love and long distance hugs--


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