Monday, May 21, 2012

A new, exciting and "driven" direction.

Wow! I am so excited/nervous and my brain is going a mile a minute! In my "blogging life" so far, I've primarily done mixed media art and crafts. However,one of the FIRST creative things I ever did was to sew. So.......Here are some Rough(and I DO mean Rough) sketches I worked on on......

I used to make most of what I wore back in High school, sew for others, made many of the Drama costumes and selected the fabrics/patterns and trims for others to sew.... I even made a lot of my clothes back when I worked at Nordstrom's and would add the store's accessories to complete my outfits. Wedding dresses/ suits/ski name it. But, I kind of "tucked it" all away after I designed the nursery for my youngest,,,a boy, of course,,,and then work,,,,and another boy,,,,,,well, sewing went to the wayside.

But lately, in my Size 16 body,,,,I've been frustrated that I can't buy many of the cute "Boho"/ Gypsy/Farm girl styles that I love. We've had a "Tease" at Joyworks, and I've love buying a few of those pieces,,,,But,,,I can Sew stuff! And I know, I'm not alone in my love of these feminine fashions......And this "Creative Fairy" has been buzzing in my ear,,,,,,,,and well, when the "Fairies" speak, I listen.......

So here are my BAD sketches,,,,,I'm NOT an illustrator,,,I can't draw to save my life.
My son Andrew and a couple of my Cousins could draw/paint circles around me,,,us all,,,,,,So these are the 8 pieces I'm going to be sewing.....with variations in trims/fabrics and colors,,,,but you'll get the gist.......And trust me, they'll be many in sizes 14-18,,,,,because that's just how I roll.......

Again, forgive my sketches,,,,but you get the idea where I'm headed,,,,,,I'll have finished garments soon.......

Basically, they'll be 8 designs,,,,with various colors/embellishments and trims. Again, excuse my illustrations,,I did these in about 45 minutes while my brain (Hamster wheel) was going a bit crazy.....I'll show you finished goods soon.

I worried a bit about offending some of my fellow artisans that "do" similar things. I also worried about people thinking that I'm abandoning my paper crafts....Crowns/cake toppers and the likes....

But I think MY upcoming clothing items will only compliment pieces that are out there,,,and I'll still do Paper crafting and the likes .....

I'm really excited about creating some One of the kind clothing pieces,,,and I'll be making some things for "US" larger gals,,,,,,,,

Me and the "Fairies" are off to have dinner......and soon to DREAM of designs to come!

Hugs, Love and a "Fashionable Bus"


  1. Great idea! It's always a good idea to flex our "creative muscles" and shake things up a bit. And I also understand the frustration of wanting cute boho clothing options, while being a large size gal. Can't wait to see what you've come up with!

  2. Can't wait to see your new designs. Change is good, we are always evolving and trying new things as artists.

  3. Yea!!!!! Now you're talking sister. This is going to be hugely successful for you! God has led you to this new direction---

    Can't wait to see the finished pieces. With your great creativity-- I already know they are going to be fabulous!



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