Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sew? What's new with you?

As I recently mentioned, I wanted to start sewing again. I've had fun this last week playing with Cottons, Linens, Vintage lace and Tulle,,,,,,,,I've got several pieces in the works and almost finished, but this morning I put the last "ruffle" on this Shrug.......

I really liked the way it turned out and will be fun to wear over sleeveless dresses and tunics........

The body is natural Linen, the sleeves are from an old lace table cloth and I added a Muslin lining some Crinkled Ivory tulle ruffled collar and a cascade of Vintage lace trims" to "tie" it all up!

I could have ironed it prior to the photo, but I kind of liked that "crinkled" Linen look. Having fun Sewing again and looking forward to making and sharing some other pieces soon,,,,,,although don't be surprised if I throw in a Birthday Hat or Wedding Cake topper in too,,,,,,,

(OH! And to be perfectly candid here, I cannot currently sew in my Art Studio...My art table is too high!)So,,,,My dining room table is covered in Lace/Tulle/Muslin and the likes....this creating thing isn't always pretty,,,,,I'm just sayin'!)

Hope your week is going well,,,,,are weather is OK,,,,meaning it's not raining, but a bit Chilly! Hoping that when I head over to Spokane for Farm Chicks,,,, it'll be a bit Warmer and drier!

Hugs Love and a "Gathering" of "Buses!"

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  1. Wet and chilly and its almost June! I've lived in too many hot dry places to feel bad about that. LOL! Have fun sewing ! It looks lovely! Hugs! deb


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