Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Everything Old is New Again! ( My BFF and my Youngest, Andrew)

I simply cannot remember a more beautiful day in Washington! May is always pretty, but we've had Awesome sun, for days,,,,,and days!

Today? I was exceptionally happy, it was my BF Laura's Birthday! And she moved into her NEW historical building! Not only did SHE move in, but she's got my youngest, Andrew working with her. Which is ironic,,,,,,,,

(The Old "Thurston Agency Building on our Historical 1st Street)

Andrew's FIRST Job, was with Laura. She owned a nearby Historical Chapel-where she proceeded (as an ordained Minister and daughter of a Methodist Minister) over many a Wedding. Andrew started working for her back in his early teens, doing yardwork/painting/maintenance.

Now? After 4 years in the Marines, getting his BS at Western, he's helping her with Real Estate and Property Management. All these years later, I think they are a good match!

(oops! I forgot to take Pics with them inside,,,,,,,these are right at "closing" so Laura could go home and have Bday Dinner with the Hubbs.......)

I'm excited about her new Venture, and as always, I am proud of her and feel SO lucky to call her my friend.

She's the ground to my "ungroundedness."
She's the "Rock" on my Shoreline.
She's the "Practical" to my Whimsey.

I HOPE that I am the Whimsey that challenges her.
I HOPE that I am the Artsy that makes her smile.
I HOPE that I am the friend she never expected, but will Always, always be there!

Wonderful Day! I hope yours was Half as Wonderful as mine!
Hugs, Love and an OH so Grateful Bus!


Quick (Update on Mary- my beloved sis-in law. ......She saw 3 Docs today at the University of Washington and will see a Kidney (Cancer) specialist tomorrow.......keep her in your prayers!

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