Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Finds,,,,,,,

Once again the sun was out here in the PNW,,,,Fri? Sun? = Junk time! There weren't too many Garage sales locally,probably because of the long weekend, but I found a couple of fun things.......

I think this may have been my fav,,,because it came with a bit of History of the original owner........

complete with the purchases and stamps on the back side......

Would you LOVE to know WHAT hats she bought? I wonder if I can still use this card...........

I also found some fun China pieces,,,,,and this cute little porcelain doll from Japan....

A couple of other China/Porcelain pieces.....

"Teapot for Two" w/ 22k Gold,,,,,,,a Buck

Some great Rosaries

A great little Spice Rack to hold paints in my Art Studio.....

Some Cigar Boxes, Lace, and a "Mini" Apothecary Jar........

And,,,,If you missed my Facebook Post earlier this week, I have to share my Vintage Pink Hair dryer with you! Ackkkk, I bought it on Wednesday at a local Thrift Shop,,,,,It reminds me of my Childhood. Sleepovers, 45 Records and Fun Childhood friends!

I Hope you've all had a good week and enjoy your weekend! I, for one, will be taking time to remember our Veterans and those currently serving their Country. Thank you to all of YOUR family members past and present who have defended and protected our Nation!

Hugs, Love and a Proud and Nostalgic Bus!


  1. i love old hats and hat boxes!

  2. Shell,
    We think you are cool!
    Kathy and Kris

    1. Love you both! Headed to Farm Chicks,,,,and then doing/being what I can for "MY Mary."..........
      As close as YOU two are,,,,well, I'm almost that close with "MY Mary." This Cancer thing Sucks.............

      Love and hugs!

  3. The thrill of the hunt, huh?

  4. I love that pink teacup, and the roseries, and the hatbox and and. I need to get my $20 together and get thrift-shoppin!

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