Thursday, May 31, 2012

Headed to Spokane!

Dog/ House Sitter? (Son) Check!
Camera? Check!
Cell Phone ( I use this about 4 times a year) Check!
Funky/Farm Chickie Comfy Clothes? Check!

Shopping List and "Want List" :
Vintage laces trims, ribbons
Old Cotton tablecloths
Mid Century Whimsey- Ballerinas, Clowns, Wedding Toppers......
Vintage Wallpapers
"Cubbies and organizers" for my Studio........
Mis-matched China,,,,,for Moi

If you can't attend,,,,I'm curious,,,,what would be on YOUR Wish list???

Hugs Love and a "Chickie" Bus! I'll share photos soon!

1 comment:

  1. Safe travels across the mountains!! I've been telling other bloggers that are coming that we also have Artfest going on sponsored by the MAC Museum. Fantastic art show in the park in Browns Addition just west of downtown. Hope you find everything on your list!!! Hopefully I will get to go on sunday.


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