Friday, May 4, 2012

May Junkin! (Friday Finds)

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I thought I was just taking my friend (92) "little Helen" to lunch. On the way home I saw the "G" Sign.......The junk Angels heralded their horns,,,and there seems to be some "Magnet" on the front of my car that makes me automatically pull towards said signage......

But, I found some great China today . For pennies on the dollar....

I have more China and Pottery than a person should own,,,,,but I recently made a decision that I am getting RID of anything of it that isn't Vintage or Antique!

I currently own quite a bit of Fiesta, from my Oma (Grandmother) and also all the Meissen my Poppy (Grandfather) bought for her shortly after WWI,,,,,yep WWI. I USE the Fiesta,,,,but break out in a cold sweat every time I even TOUCH the Meissen, which for the most part,,is "Priceless."

The pieces in the photos ranged from $1.00 to $4.00 WITH the cup and saucer....I!'m looking to build a collection of inexpensive but antique/vintage goodies for Brunches/Teas/desserts! Today's finds fit the bill!

And, I am always on the lookout for Italian Gold pieces...I have Glassware, vases, stemware,,,and picked up this plate for $1.00 today!

Fun finds, at Great prices today,,,I'm looking forward to MORE "Friday Finds" as the weather gets better!

Quick updates:
M&M Antiques,,,,which is one of my favorite "Haunts" in for Great Antiques, is opening in their NEW location in Monroe, Washington tomorrow! I won't get to check it out till Monday,,,,,but I wish ALL of them the BEST for their NEW location opening tomorrow!

My dear, dear sister in law Mary will have Radiation treatments till the 16th, on her spine. At that point, they'll remove her Right Kidney (Per Fred Hutch's advice/protocal.)

I had Planned on visiting with her next week, over on the Penninsula, but the radiation is going to make her
throat really really sore (Liquid diet) and my Bro said to put the visit off for a while...

Frustrating when you want to BE there to support, but also know that you don't want to cause extra effort/stress
Have a GREAT weekend! I'll be working at Joyworks! Tons of new goodies in,,,,,and Jana is BACK from a TWO MONTH trip to Africa and India! Cannot WAIT to hear more about her trip!

Again,,,,if you haven't yet entered my Giveaway, you can scroll down a couple of posts to do so....... Have a great Weekend!

Hugs, Love and a "May Junk Finds" Bus on the Cheek!


  1. My heart be still! The first cup and saucer picture had my heart flutering(still is) can you tell me the maker or,name ? Looks Lenox?
    You really scored!
    the green eyed monster!

  2. The bottom, Just says, "Hand painted Nippon" which means Japan,,,,,,,which I take to mean the 50's or 60's......but trust me, I'm no expert! I just buy what I love for the most part!



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