Monday, May 7, 2012

Gorgeous day in Washington State! My "Old School Azalea" and Heirloom plants/ fruits/veggies

If you walked up my stairs today, You'd get a Heady scent of Carnations. But it's actually from an Heirloom Azalea plant I picked up in the "Close Out" bin several years ago for $4 Bucks.

Most of our Azaleas around here are evergreen,,,this one is deciduous, BUT when it blooms it is gorgeous and you can't bottle or buy THAT fragrance!

I worked in the yard quite a bit today,,,if you're local, you KNOW that things GROW out of hand quickly,,,,,Rain/Sun-Grow,,,,Rain/Sun-Grow! I had today off, and again tomorrow and Wednesday I'll be working in another local Shop (filling in for a Vaca)

Hope Your week is starting out well! What have YOU been up to? Our weather here is supposed to "hold" for several days!

Not sure if it's the time of year, and folks are busy, but few comments on my Giveaway....You can STILL scroll down to the May Day post to Enter. You do NOT need to have a Google account,,,Just sign in "anonymous" with your Email addy to Enter!

Several weeks ago, I had a "tummy" bug and finally started "Pinning" on Pinterest. There is a linky on my right sidebar if you'd like to head over. It's kind of like a "Wishbook" that you create of all your Favorite things. If you haven't clicked on over,,I'd highly recommend it. So MANY gorgeous images/ideas and inspirations for what ever YOU like to do!

Off to walk the doggies! Have a great evening!

Hugs love and an "Old School/Heirloom* Bus!"

* Did you KNOW? When you plant Heirloom plants-whether flowers/trees OR FRUITS and Veggies, you are preserving diversity in your gardens AND for our planet.
Most of the flowers/produce/plants you buy have been raised for the "popularity of the Masses."

In the domestic Animal world, we've learned that certain purebreds are affected by certain diseases,,,,Hip problems, tumors, etc. It's the SAME in the plant world. Get a "Mutt" whether plant, animal, (Human) and your less prone to problems. And most importantly, Diversity IS key to health!

Okay,,,,Bio lesson done,,,,but basically, Heirloom plants are OUR friends!

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  1. Shell- your azelia is beautiful-- I love to see them in bloom in the spring! Enjoy your garden and flowers-- I agree about planting heirloom plants--

    Love you-


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