Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Great Start to the New Year......Valentines and My upcoming Show!~

Okay,,,,so a couple of days ago, I posted the Start of some Valentines.....Sheet Music and Crepe Paper ruffles that I Sewed together on my machine......They were Great fun to make! Here are a Few of the embellished Results. The one Below?,,,,,I call my "Iowa Heart" because I used some of the brocade wallpaper I bought at Silver Bella to create it........

I rarely keep anything I craft for myself,,,,,but I may need to reproduce a similar piece for me,,,,,,,because it reminds me of my Wonderful Trip to Silver Bella,,,,,all the Wonderful Women I met,and visiting both Iowa AND Omaha~Too fun!

I made several  other neutral  "hearts" using various goodies......Too fun to make! (All of these will available at Joyworks,,,,or email or leave a comment if you want something similar!)

And, True Confessions? I love anything Victorian,,,,,,Lace/Pink/romantic/ Gold? Here's another embellished heart version.....I absolutely LOVE the colors and textures on this one......I'm a "throw back"what can I say,,,,,,I either lived in an earlier time,,,,,,,or just WISH I had........

A few more "Hearts",,,,,,,,,,Less Victorian and more "Kitchy" Too fun! (Geesh, If I could just ever PICK ONE genre and be done with it, my life And my creative life would be SO much easier,,,,,,,,but I love it  ALL! Ackkkkkkkk!)
Kitchy Hearts...........for the 50's and 60's lovin' Group! Grooovy! Too fun to work again, with these images from Cavellini...............

Truly? I could make Valentine images for days,,,,and well, I'll probably do a few more!

Today I signed us all up for the Next "Ruffles and Rust Event! Ackkkkkk! My second show, with my friend Kim Brandt,,,,,,,doing her Garden thing and we'll Both be representing JOYWORKS too, since Jana will be  on a Buying Trip in Vegas .........Stay tuned for Event Details, Discount Coupons and MORE!!! Mark you Calendar for the 18th & 19th of Feb.!!!!

Happy FIRST week of January! Love you All! Hope you are enjoying the New Year!
Hugs, Love, and a  Big ol' Bus!


  1. Very pretty! Hopping over to say Hello and HAPPY Thursday.
    Hugs, Katherine

  2. Shell your hearts are so beautiful ! You have been a busy gal!
    hugs Lynn

  3. These are so gorgeous. I love Valentine's Day!!

  4. I am swooning over all of these! You are so talented my dear!

    I am trying to catch up on Blog visits today. I have had my head buried in my studio working on sponsor kits so I have not had much time to play!



  5. Shell - these are the most awsome Valentines - I adore them - you are going to be a huge hit with these! Are you selling them at the show - they will be gone in 60 seconds!



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