Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Penny's Birthday Celebration at Joyworks!

Today we Celebrated Penny's Birthday at Joyworks. Amy and Jill did a GREAT job decorating for the event--Everything was done in Aqua and Black and White.....Too cute!

Here's the Birthday Girl, Penny dressed in Aqua,,,,,,, (apparently she got the "memo" about the theme!)

We all dished up Lunch and our coworker Rita arrived a BIT late,,,,,,,,but with Novelties in hand.......we all received and donned "Happy Birthday" know, some times it is just GREAT to be on the OTHER side of the Camera,,,,,,,But THIS turned out pretty Cute!!!

(Amy, Jill, Luanne, Rita, Birthday Girl Penny, Sandi and Jana front and Center!)

Our dear leader and Joyworks owner Clarice, wasn't here.......She's got a respitory Bug......I'm sure Days and days of buying for Joyworks in Atlanta and then hitting the ground running,,,,,back to work at the shop, didn't help!

We all missed her,,,,,,and hope she'll rest up and get BETTER!!!

"Les Cake"

Penny and I suffer from the same condition. We've both been to Europe and developed a taste for TRUE, Artisian Bakers,,,,, authentic European pastries/desserts. I KNEW her pallet was defined,,,,shortly after I met her! Traveling through France, Belgium, Italy, and the likes,,,,,,there is dessert,,,,,,,,,and THEN there is DESSERT!!!

Voila........the Cake.........

We had a great afternoon! And, Oh my Stars......Next Friday is Clarice's Birthday Celebration!  And then Luanne's and then,,,,,,and then.........

Hugs and Love to all my coworkers---especially Penny because this was HER event!  And warm hugs and thoughts for Clarice,,,,,,,hope she's starting to feel better!

I can never elaborate enough about the tremendous group of women I work with! They light my life, my days...I treasure each and every one of them. Penny,,,LOL as we periodically joke about is the newest Joyworks member.  Joined our group approaching 70..........

I simply cannot imagine my life without all the women I work with. They are ALL truly the best of the best. And Penny has been a fantastic, new addition to the mix. She's Timeless, to me. I've gotten to know her pretty well and frankly, I never think about her age.  Or our age differences. I simply LOVE having her in my life, working with her,,,,,and getting to know her better.  And her "hubbs," Bill is a dear!

Happy Birthday Penny! I hope you enjoyed your Special Celebration! So Glad to have you in my life,,,and I'm sure all the Joyworks Gals appreciate you as well!!!

Get Healthy Clarice!!!!!!!!!

Hugs, Big Love and a Bus,,,

"Do what you Love and love what you Do!"


  1. Hi Shell!
    I was catching up on your blog. Oh how I love that pink corset. The bird cages- love them! I love seeing all your creations! Thanks for sharing them....Miss you!

  2. Hi Shelly,
    Oh you Joyworks girls full of Joy and Parties! I think you all party more than work, lol! Happy Birthday Penny and hope Clarice gets well soon and doesn't share, seems to be going around this side of the mountains now.

  3. Happy birthday dear Penny! What an adorable aqua party and joy-filled bunch of girls! Talk to you soon! Hugs, Denise Cosgrove

  4. You girls are so cute!!! Happy Cake Day to Penny!


  5. Thanks Shell for being our "official birthday photographer" for Joyworks. I do however have to give all the decorating credit to Amy. Jana and I were busy downstairs re-displaying, so I wasn't much help. It was alot of fun, great food and yes, the cake. YUM-O ! You were a life saver since I dropped the ball on baking. Speaking of "ball", where's the bowling bowl project Jana gave Penny ? Penny we are blessed to have you in our Joyworks family.

  6. You girls have too much fun! Oh my THAT cake really is divine! Will you please come and give me a birthday party this summer?

  7. "Do men make passes at women with glasses? " Who cares?! Looks like it was a great partee . . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Penny, who I just recently met at Ruffles & RUST. She's a real gem!!


  8. Shell,
    Hey, I am with you on the cake thing! This summer we went to our exchange student son's wedding in Croatia. His sister, Ana hjas a baking business and made the wedding cake...and assorted other pretties. We had a great discussion about her baking and she told me that she made all the fondant by hand (as well as the cake from scratch). I know our typical US wedding cake is not made like this (and I have always disliked fondant, which I think comes from Michael's). I think I forgot all food in Prague and Croatia except for pastries...a great way to spend a month.
    A big bus to you, Shelley. You are on the right track!

  9. It looks like a great time was had by all. And that cake looks yummy!


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