Monday, January 10, 2011

Brrrr, "Baby it's Cold INSIDE" and it's for the Birds!!!!

Saturday Night? I woke up during the night to well, as I refer to it,,,,"Make a Deposit and make a Withdrawal"-otherwise known as getting a drink of water and using the "Loo." But, when I walked through the house the livingroom was like a Bazillion degrees! I checked the thermostat,,,,and I'd shut it OFF when I went to bed. . . hmmm. So then I worried about a fire, and lay on the couch half the nite awake. Sunday, when I headed off to Joyworks to work, I shut the whole electrical panel down in this Old House.....
Well, I finally figured out which switch on the box controlled the heat when I got home and turned everything ELSE on,,,but NO heat. I darn near froze my fingers off today, but still managed to craft a few things Upstairs,,,
Frankly, I finally got warm at the Grocery store by sticking my hands under the heat lamp in the Deli! I told one of the "Regs" there that I was darn tempted to climb into the case,,,,the Deli Roasted Chickens be Damned!!
I worked on a few more Valentines for Joyworks, a bit of Stuff for the "Ruffles and Rust Event" next month and even made this quirky Bird & Cage.......

Finally, early this evening the Electrician Showed up and fixed the darn Heating! (Thank you Lord and thank you Chuck) Fortunately it cost me less than a New Winter Coat would,,,,,,So, I'm once again a warm, happy Camper.....

(Tomorrow, Jana, Clarice and Amy leave for Atlanta for the Annual Big Gift Show,,,,,,I hope they get there safely,,,looks like the weather may be extreme! Hope the rest of you are WARM and safe too! We're supposed to get our OWN Snow tomorrow here,,,,but I don't think it'll last long!)

A Big Warm Hug, Love and a Bus!

(PS........GO Seahawks!!!)


  1. you are soooo funny! and I really CAN'T picture you in the delli sitting with the chickens.... I like to drive around in the car with the seat heaters on! love your creations.. birds.. you must be thinkin that it's spring@!@@

  2. Glad you got that heat fixed, Shell. Of course it happens during the COLDEST time of the year! So happy you are fine!!!

    We've been watching "The 1900 House" . . . really makes me appreciate all the conveniences we enjoy in THIS day and age!

    ~ Debi

  3. Oh Lordy - it has been extreme. Haven't been out to read blogs for a couple of days so I'm assuming they were flying in today. They have most of the downtown roads cleared - it's just up in north Atlanta that is still bad. I'm about to get in the truck and take a test run to work in the light so I know whether or not to chance it tomorrow morning. So glad you got your heat fixed. Hugs!

  4. Girlfriend I am so wrapped in blankets right now I could barely find the keyboard to write you. lol
    Lord Shell I got colder just reading of your whoes. Dang it is bad enough to suffer the wrath of winter but without a heater is just horrible. So sorry you had so many problems.
    It is warmer upstairs as you said you worked on your lovely piece upstairs. I wanted my upstairs room fixed where I could stay in it this winter but my brother Gary was the carpenter and of course he is too sick to work. I bought a book about dummies doing that type of carpenter work so What do you think am I dumb enough to try it. hahaha
    Miss you and wanted to check on you.
    I am fixing to put my page up about weight loss and my giveway that will involve you because you sell your beautiful pieces.
    Stay warm my funny friend

  5. Good afternoon Shelley, what a lovely surprise. Your card and contents just arrived. I'm so thrilled. It's really brightened up a grey and depressing day. It's extremely kind of you to think of me. I hope you're feeling warmer now. Many thanks again. Blessings

  6. OH MY GOSH!!! what a time to be with out heat!!!! At least we are a little warmer these days. Glad you were able to get someone in to fix it. STAY WARM!

  7. Hey Ya'll!!

    I love the birdie!!!

    I am sorry you lost your heat but glad it's fixed now!

    We still have snow and ice here and it's the pits!! Brrrrrrrrr!

    Sending Big LOVE!!

  8. Ugh - I hate it when the heat doesn't work - that is miserable. So glad it worked out for you and did not cost a fortune - that would never be my luck! That birdcage is adorable!!



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