Friday, January 21, 2011

"Finis", Friends and Family

So, How did your Week end? Guess What? I got MORE rain? And, more flooding in the Studio,,,,I'm thinkin' about starting a Mushroom Farm down there! And,,,,,Oh yeah, My Roof is leaking again! Falling just short of the Diningroom table. Of course, the inch and a half of RAIN that fell in the last 24 hours probably didn't help matters!! I THOUGHT I had that leak fixed last year,,,,,apparently not! Anyone know of any single, capable, animal loving, well-read handyman that is readily available???? Please advise!! Otherwise, can you at least say a little prayer for me that the rain lets up a BIT????? Ackkk!!!!

But truly, other than Rain and leaks??? It was a GREAT week! I finished the Green Silk Corset today........

Remember Stage One, Yesterday???

I added some Vintage Trims and lace,,,,,,including some Flower appliques that I picked up last summer at Farm Chicks.........Ohhh, shoot, I wish I could remember the gals name or her Website,,,,,but she was from San Francisco,,,,,,,,I for ME it was love at first sight! Well,,,,,,at least for her Millenery and Notions......Her booth was to DIE for!!!

Then I added some Vintage millenery bits in delicate Ivory flowers and Mocha Tulle....they just don't make it like that anymore!

Last image, I promise..but again this was fun to make/alter! I'll make a few more,,,,,but will spare you all from the images for a while! I've got other "Fish to Fry",,,,,,errrr Stuff to make!

I was just about making my last stitch, when my youngest, Andrew walked in the front door! I was expecting him to drop by sometime this weekend, but was pleasantly surprised to see his handsome face. He's settling in nicely in his first (Junior) year up at Western University in Bellingham. And as we were chatting my BFF Laura stopped in an suprised me with lunch from my FAV------Taco Time!!

Laura's helping me look for a space, either for a booth/venue of sorts or perhaps an event venue  here in Snohomish, sometime soon! Too fun! I've been feeling like I need a new venture,,and although in no particular hurry,,,,,it'll be fun to explore the possibilities and sites. She's in Real Estate and Property Management,,,and I truly believe that "if it's meant to be,,,,,it'll happen! We're exploring a lot of different possibilities,,,,I'll keep you posted!

Can't wait to find out what Clarice and Jana saw at their annual buying trip in Atlanta for Joyworks! I'll get an overview tomorrow about what they saw and bought at the gift show!

Have a GREAT weekend! Stay Dry & Warm! And I hope you "Do What you Love,,,,,,and Love What you Do!

Hugs, love and a soggy Bus!


  1. What a pretty re-purpose, frilly and flirty!

  2. oh my. that is a SWEET transformation! I wish I could play at some of the venues you've mentioned - we're in the middle of nowhere out here in CO. Have a fab weekend! -diane

  3. Good Morning, Shelly,
    You have been busy creating. I'm sorry to hear about the rain and your studio flooding? I guess I am glad that our precipitation comes in the form of snow.

    Happy Weekend. ~Natalie

  4. Wish I had the body to fill something like that out!

    Sorry to hear about your flooding. We've been getting lots of snow and of course, our oil company screwed up and didn't deliver us oil. I didn't realize it until last night when I couldn't figure out why our house was so cold!

  5. Ya know Shelly, we could really get a better view of these creations if you were modeling them! You could even make a matching umbrella! Might be good advertising when looking for someone to fix your roof!

    Wishing you sunshine!

  6. Three words! Oh La La. You are a ver clever lady! Hoping you will stop by and enter my $30 gift card giveaway.

  7. Shell, my dear, what a fun line of vintage lacy fou fou you're creating. love it. now if I were just 25 years younger I'd be grabbing these up. they are so so cute! Thanks for sharing all the goodness. Hope it stops raining in your dining room soon!!!
    love ya bunches,

  8. Hi Shelly! I'm your neighbor from down south a little bit *winks* Love the green silk corset! Just beautiful! Vanna

  9. LOL I had to laugh when I read Connies comment! Shes right wear one of your beautiful corsets and they will be knocking down your door! Thats one way to fix that leak. I'm so sorry to hear of all the flooding,
    I do hope things start to dry out!
    I Love all your lacy goodness, you've been a busy gal!
    hugs Lynn

  10. This turned out fabulous! I just love the color too!



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