Monday, January 3, 2011

"Sew What, Sweetheart? And Family Changes.....once again!

Again today, I worked on some Valentines. And well, all of a sudden, it kinda "clicked!" I cut out Sheet Music paper hearts and then, decided to add some ruffled crepe paper to them. Glue? Nah~ I "ruffled up" the crepe paper on my sewing machine and sewed it on! Too fun, this "Paper Sewing!"
These are just the bases, and I'm going to embellish them,,,,,but if you want to make your own,,,,I just used Pinking Shears to cut out the sheet Music hearts and then, I "ruffled" Crepe Paper on my Sewing Machine........Too fun! I'll show you the Finished products soon...........Email me, or leave a comment if you make your own versions,,,,I'd love to see!

And  Today? MY own "Paper Heart" is swelling with Pride today. My youngest? The Former Marine, Andrew,,,,,or Andy as I call him unless he's in trouble-(THEN he is "Andrew Ross Powers!!!" )Moved out of my little cottage in back this weekend to start his Junior Year up at Western Washington University!!! I'm SO proud of him, I could just BUST!

Oh my stars, though, he's living in a Dorm room,,,,at 25! After living in Marine barracks in various countries, then having an apartment in Virginia, then living in the back HOUSE and NOW,,,in a Dorm after all these years! But, he's working on his Bachelor's Degree,,,,,,and making some adjustments to do so. I "heart" him SO!

New paths, new dreams, new pursuits and new visions for ALL of us this year! I hope your New Year is getting off to a good start!

Hugs, Love and a "Bus," Whatever you are up to!


  1. Shelli,
    Hooray for your son! That is amazing that he is back living in the dorm. We have a daughter in the house who is finishing her MSW this spring (God-willing). At times, it has been great and at times, it has been quite a challenge.
    I love your hearts. My sewing machine still scares me and I want to be able to use it like this! I did sachets for Silver Bella...first time since 8th grade. Maybe I just need to get it out and play!
    I love valentines. I think I need to figure out some way to do this!!!

  2. Good for Andy! My son decided to make some changes in his life this past weekend too. For too long he's been working 60-70 hours a week (and he's salaried). He had 12 days left that he couldn't take off at the end of the year. So he finally let his boss know that he just wasn't going to keep up that pace. He virtually has no life except the few hours every other weekend that he has his son. I'm really happy for him and hope he sticks to it.

  3. YIPPEE for Andy!

    I love your Valentines!

    Today is my sweetheart's 60th birthday so we are busy watching movies and chilling out!

    Lovie Lovie!

  4. Congradulations honey! I can tell how proud you are of him and with very good reasons.
    Just wanted to check on you and see what is going on.
    I love my card you sent me. Too pretty to put away with Christmas things. I am leaving it out to see if it will inspire me. lol
    I came by to tell you I am trying tonight to add a page to my site that list my followers that sell their pretty things so hope you don't mind that I put your site on it.
    Love ya

  5. Hello!
    I'm Vanessa,

    I just popped over from the OWOH blog sign up page and saw your post/comment... did anyone get back to you about helping continue this Event? I wanted to write the same as you.. that SOMEone should pick it up for her!!

    This would be my first time participating, but I visited alot of links over the years... it just seems a shame to just let it go!

    I would help also, I am pretty good on the computer, and computer graphics... Let me know if you hear any other news... maybe we should just email her directly? Let me know!
    You just seem like a very honest and open person so I thought I would just put it out there!
    Vanessa Johanning


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