Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"Of Corset Is!" (Altered lingerie)

Last Spring we had a Birthday party for Amy, Clarice's youngest daughter and my co-worker at Joyworks with a Paris Theme. We all dressed up as different characters,,,,,and I was supposed to be a "Can-Can", I made a makeshift Corset. It was TOO fun to make. I wore it again, the opening night of Ruffles and Rust in November, and had lots of comments and then offers to BUY it. So, as fun as it was to make,,I started thinking about making a few more...........Here's the first, in several that I will make and sell.......
 I altered a light pink and creme Satin Camisole that I found at the Goodwill, or the "Ladies Auxillary Guild" Thrift Shop,,,,Not sure which, as I've been collecting the Camisoles to alter for a while. I added Stays, underwire and tons of Lace, both Vintage and new,,,along with some tea stained bias tape........The lace on the bottom was given to me-an incredible full spool of Vintage goodness!

The Bodice is embellished with Vintage lace and phenomenal  vintage appliques which came from the stock of an old Millenery shop in Seattle..........

Technically, IF you are petite enough, you could wear this,,,,,,but I'm making them primarily to put on dress forms, or hang on the wall on a fun hanger....

I hope to make several more to sell for the Ruffles and Rust  event and elsewhere in the next couple of weeks!

My studio is STILL flooding,,,,we've had Epic Rains here and our River DID flood and roads are closed and housed are flooded in the farm lands. Again, I may have my OWN flooding issues,,,but the river isn't affecting ME or Joyworks......

Hope you're having a great week!
Love, Hugs and a Bus!


  1. ~~**THUD**~~ I just hit the floor when I saw this! Shell, it's absolutely beautiful!


  2. Absolutely darling, this is just amazing. I saw the one you did earlier, so so cute! They should sell faster than French pancakes!
    Stay dry.

  3. Hi Shelley, Oh so beautiful, I love it. I love all the beautiful details you have used. Have a wonderful week and thank you for sharing. Hugs, Terri

  4. It is a beautiful costume, on person or on form! amazing... and as for must know how to stay dry, all I hear on the news lately is SNOHOMISH flood watch stuff!! wow

  5. Shelley,
    That is so beautiful and you are sooooo talented. You talk like putting in stays like you just put a bit of Elmer's Glue on something. My little skinny daughter could wear this but I would hand it on my wall. Those flower appliques are some of the prettiest I have ever seen!
    Sorry about the flood. It sounds so bad. I shudder tonthink what will happen when the four feet of snow melt in St. Paul!
    Big hugs, friend,

  6. how beautiful and ohhh la la... love it...hugs JoAnn


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