Thursday, January 20, 2011

Books, "Buds" and Bra's.....aka.....a Fun Lunch and some Great Finds!

As Many of you know, I have a Kindle. I don't have a lot of electronic gadgets, a fancy car, a dishwasher in this Old house, or many other things people just take for granted. But I DO love my Kindle,,,and reading is one of my BIG passions......So, I'd like to recommend a book, that I finished yesterday! "Unbroken-A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience and Redmption," by Laura Hillenbrand. (She's the author of Seabiscuit,,,,,and I've gotta say, this was one of the BEST boooks I've ever read. Not my usual Genre selection by any means,,,,but what an incredible life Louis Zamperini lead!

And Today? I met up with my dear friend and neighbor Deb Bock, of Garden Party fame! She's always a busy gal and we finally had a chance to have lunch together! Look at the darling bouquet she brought me!

Too cute~ Peruvian Lillies, greenery, feathers all tied up in a coffee filter and pink bias tape! I'm tellin' you, Deb has an incredible eye and is truly talented! She's helping coordinate the "Second Saturday" shows in Seattle as of late and will be taking part in the Seattle Garden Show in February! Can you say Busy???

After a fun 2 hour or so lunch and chat with Deb, I headed to Monroe and hit the craft store and managed to get out of there ONLY with the things I REALLY needed,,,,,,and about $20 bucks! Unheard of! No extra Ribbons, papers, tools,,,,,,,what a concept!

Since I started this whole Corset "Concept,,,,I've been gobbling up camisoles and underwire bras to be cut down and modified because buying good quality thrift store bras is cheaper than buying the supplies at the fabric store.......So,,,,I hit the Goodwill for more bras, to fit my supply of Silk and Satin "Cami's"....."SHUT the FRONT DOOR!" (Lulu and sis Lisa got me started on this expression when I attended Silver Bella,,,,you are BOTH in so much trouble ! HA! I say it all the time now,,,and it's rubbing off on

But I digress,,,Goodwill was having a stinkin' HALF OFF BLUE TICKET Event!!! I bought some bras that were darn near free,,,,,,,,

Here's a kind of "before" Corset, after I fit it with an underwire from Goodwill. I 'm  currently Coffee and Tea staining lace and ribbons, so I'll have to wait to finish! I don't know about you, but I absolutely LOVE this celery green silk and beige lace.....can't wait to finish it!

How can it be Thursday already??? The weeks are flying by! I have SO many ideas of things I want to make for the Ruffles and Rust Event next month,,,,,,Focus Shell!

Enjoy what is left of your week, and I hope you have a great weekend! Thoughts and prayers for those going through some difficult times.

"Do what you Love, Love what you do!"

Hugs, Love and a Bus!

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  1. LOL, SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!! I LOVE IT!! We are such a bad influence on you! *giggling*

    You find the most fabulous things. I think I am just going to have to come out there just to shop for good stuff!! I am loving that celery green color!

    We are expecting snow AGAIN tonight. ICK!

    PIECES from Me, Rick and The Babies!



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