Sunday, March 11, 2012

Well, "Back the Truck Up!" Phone(s), Projects and Finds

Shew,,,,,I've had a busy last couple of days! Renting out the back cottage, (yessssssss!) to a gal I know, Super Busy, fun and exhausting days at Joyworks this weekend,,,,There may be a recession on,,,,but let me tell you,,,,,We are busier than all get out,,,,,,business seems to be growing exponentially!!

And, I made a few things for the Shop,,,,,,,,a  few Custom orders,,,,,,

25th Anniversary Commerative Box.......

I've also been dealing with (or NOT dealing with) my Land-line phone company, Frontier,,,,,,,you heard it here first folks,,,,whom promised to have service on FRIDAY.  (Still NO line techs have come, or emailed/called my alternate number) And,,,,,TADA!  "Back the Truck up",,,,,,,Shell IS activated,,,,,(okay really? had my "Boys") activate a CELL PHONE for me this morning!!! Oh, let me tell you, my son's really teased me on THIS one!

Never say Never, eh? I won't be texting on it, or driving on it either!

Picked up a few goodies at the "Historical Societies" Junk Sale on Friday including these fun glass globes.......$1.50 each......New, not vintage, but still had the Retail pricing on them for $24 bucks each!  SHUT UP Dawg! (The "Dawg" reference from my boys this morning) Will be fun to PUT Vintage goodness in though!!

I had BOTH of my son's show up for Coffee before I left for work this morning. That may not sound like a big deal, but the Last time they were both home was at Christmas.  And My oldest Sean, has been living in town for over a year now,,,,,,And,,,,,drumroll please,,my youngest, is moving back to Snohomish too! At least for now. I haven't had BOTH my boys living in this area at the same time in over 18 years. I am beyond elated to have them close by,,,,,again, at least for NOW!

Frankly? I'm Tired and SO, sore tonight, having some weird aches and pains,,,,,and I'm just sayin' right NOW? I am NOT getting a bug,,,,,my youngest, Andrew, Graduates next Saturday from Western Washington University!
(That's up north in Bellingham, WA if you're not from this area.) I am SO proud of him, my buttons may burst! This is my Son that was formerly in the Marine Corps, had two tours in Iraq.  Trust me, they'll be lots of pictures from next Saturday's Graduation!!

I hope you  ALL had an awesome Week/end. I'm going to do a bit of blog hopping before I either fall asleep in my dinner,,,,,or the long hot soak I have planned for the tub!!

Hugs, Love and a Happy/Tired/Achy/Excited/Proud "Bus" on the Cheek!


  1. yaaaaaaaaay Shell! A defining moment for you! And, I'm so happy you'll have your boys in town. You have every reason to be proud too!
    Big Hug,

  2. I am so happy for you Shell honey. Your buttons should be popping off for joy. Can't believe he is already graduating from college after serving our country. Wow you have to be terribly excited and proud. I am so happy for you that their both going to live close to you.
    It would be a blessing for me to have mine closer.
    I can't believe I actually got to visit with you and LuLu on the same evening. Wow I am really lucky tonight.
    Sending you nothing but great wishes for another great week and keep those sales going dear Shell
    Love ya

  3. Shell,
    So glad about your boy graduating and just thrilled they will both be at home.
    Love ya, Shell!


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