Monday, March 19, 2012

"The Rock" in Memory of my Friend Jodene

My friend Jodene Walker lost her battle with Lymphoma yesterday. Damn you Cancer! How DARE you take another friend, a loved one. I KNOW this family well. I KNOW their faith is strong........but this still makes me angry and nostalgic..............

I met Jodene and her husband Tom, when I was 19,,,,,,back when I worked at this little "Concept Store" while I was working for Nordstrom  and we opened, called "Place Two." I worked in the "Flagship" "Place Two" Everett, WA.......and we had a Fashion/Hair Show....hence, Jodene, husband Tom....and their trendy "hair" looks!

Some 30 years later,,,,,,,,This small town's  boulder has been painted with everything from Graduating Class momentos, to proposals over the years,,,,,,,but this, pretty much says it ALL,,,,,,,,,,for our love/dedication to Jodene, husband Tom..........And their impacts on our Small town...............

Snohomish Boulder, painted in support of Jodene'sCancer battle and her husband Tom-dealing with MD............

So? Some 20 years later,,,,,,,,I gave up my Seattle/Bellevue  "lah-di-dah" stylists and starting going to that "little Salon" in my hometown. Jodene "wasn't accepting new Clients." Because, she had SO many regulars........Because she had so many regulars,,,,,for years and years.

 So, I got to know/love and Visit Ericka.......whom I've grown to know and love for over a decade now.  But I Also "kept tabs" on Jodene, hubby Tom, got to know ALL the  salon family and staff......We've done Event's together.......(I've done hair accessories/bling for the Salon)

But, truly? They are ALL a part of my life and my history. Not just a Hair salon (Now, "The Red Strand.") But Weddings/special events, growth/change and Now..........suffering this HUGE loss!

I will always remember Jodene's Smile, her classic and beautiful Style, her kindness and her always "lending an ear."

THIS is what "Living a Good Life" is all about. She is/was a model for that! I feel blessed to have had her in my life,,,,,in our Community. I want MY life to be like Jodene's. Always full of love, warmth, knowledge, acceptance, and to have an impact on my little town.............

I will miss her, more than I can say. I will Always Smile through my tears when I think of all she was!

Big Hugs,,,,,to friends/family and Community near and far that are also experiencing this great loss.......But hugs also to friends and family that help me know and learn WHAT is truly important...........and what is not.

Hold those you love a bit closer! Remind those you love,,,HOW much you love them. Forgive/acknowledge,accept
For Every day, every person in your life is dear! all my local friend hurting, Love......too ALL of you that I've come to know,,,,,,,,,and a BIG old
"Bus" on the Cheek for being in my Life! Jodene's legacy is Love,,,Grab onto it, for your OWN life!


  1. So sorry to read about your friend. May God support all her friends and family in their grief.
    Deepest Sympathy.

  2. So sorry for your lose.
    Hugs to you and Jodene's family.

  3. Oh Shelly.. you could not have said it better! her life full of grace warmth and true! Thank you for sharing that story!

  4. So sorry on the loss of your friend. (hugs)


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