Friday, July 2, 2010

"Cousins, Corsettes, 'Carmen" and Cupcakes!

I had a really FUN Friday with my dear Cousin Heidi and her daughter Thea, who was back "home" in Washington  State, visiting from the Boston Area! Heidi lives a couple hours away, so we don't get to see each other that it was a special treat to spend the day with the two of them here in Snohomish!

We had a "Yummy" lunch at the Cabbage Patch......a Snohomish Institution..while taking a break from Antiquing and (duh!) Shopping in Joyworks, "Annies", and Faded Elegance.......etc.

Thea LOVES to bake Cupcakes and sells them for Events and Parties back in the Boston Area. I bought her one of our fun new Aprons in Joyworks! Pink and Leopard!  Shoot! I should have got her Pic with it on! She looked Too Cute!!

I also bought a couple of "Goodies" on our "hunt" ,,,,, through the shops, including a couple of FUN and inexpensive lamp bases that I need to find or "create" Shades for......

Here's "Carmen" ---$10 Bucks! Altered ribbon shade, I'm thinkin'

How Cute is She??? Just needs the proper Headpiece/shade.....I'm thinking on it! Suggestions? Let me know!

Then, I found this fun "Marie" Lamp base,,,,,,,also $10 bucks!  She's even got a secondary/nightlight feature under her "slip",,,,,,,,Isn't there a saying about a light under your Bustle? or is that your Bushel?........No matter......LOL,,,,,,,Eventually, I hope to make her "Fancy!" Again, comment with any ideas,,,,but I loved her "bones!"

I also bought another fun hand crafted "Paper" cabinet at Faded Elegance,,,which I LEFT there, for a day or two, since we walked down the hill from my house to shop/dine! Too big to haul around,,,,,but will be GREAT in the Studio....I'll take a pic and add to a post soon.........Mari, you are such a salesperson!
"Oh, you might not want to wait,,,,,,I don't think it will be here!" (Shell writes a Check)

And here's a closeup of the Corsette, or Bustier I fashioned yesterday  morning for the Joyworks Party (See my previous two posts  and for the Party Photos, some  great laughs, smiles and "ooh-la-la's".) I was going to go to our local Costume store and buy a few things for my "Can Can Girl" Outfit,,,,,but instead, I decided to rummage through my old lingerie,,,,,,,and had a BIG FUN creating this yesterday morning.........

The more I worked on it,,,,the more I got into "Character" to wear it to our Party! I had all the stuff I needed on hand,,,,and old Cami in Green,,,,,,,Lace and Gold Trim from a Garage Sale I paid $1.50 for LAST weekend ,,,Score!,,,,,,I added some old "boning" from an old Victoria Secret buy,,,,,,that I always THOUGHT I'd get back into ....Yeah right!

I put it on my "Manni" from Farm Chicks when I was done wearing it for the photos......She's a BIT,,,,Okay a LOT smaller than Moi,,,,I hate her now! So..... I'll have to pin it on her a bit BETTER to show off her curves! But,,,,you get the Gist!
Too fun to make,,,,,,and even to wear! Just goes to show you,,,,,,,don't throw anything away!

Enjoy your 4th Weekend! On Monday I'll have a drawing for my little Giveaway for the "Where Bloggers Create Event." If you haven't entered and would like to,,,,,scroll down to my "Where Bloggers....Post and comment to be entered to Win!.

Enjoy your weekend!
And thanks to all the Men and Women who have dedicated, employed, worked, fought and sacrificed their Lives to allow us to be Free, Safe and Proud! And, all the families and Loved Ones that support or have supported THEM in their Service!
Hugs and Love,


  1. You found some GREAT items!! I am now craving a piece of the Cabbage Patch's yummy pie!!

  2. Hi Shell, Everytime I read your post I just crack up! Girl, you are so funny. I Love Carmen and Marie and I know they will be adorned in the cutest shades.

    It looks like everyone had a blast at the party. How fun!

  3. love the lamps i am sure you will do a great job on the shades. and as a mom of an army guy, career guy in germany, i hope everyone thanks them for our freedom and for those who have gone before them. hugs JoAnn S

  4. My sweet girlfriend you are too funny. Oh I love those lamps so much. Would love to be with you when you create the shades. What a bargain on these.
    One of my favorite songs is playing on here Stand By Me!
    Loved your comment on my site. Give your son a big hug and kiss for me for serving our country not once in Irag but twice. More than anyone should have to do. How you got through those days shows what a strong person you are.
    And you know too that I love you
    Happy 4th
    Next 4th you and I will be riding around in an RV picking up other blogging friends. If LuLu keeps behaving we will swing by and get her. lol
    I need to come Wa and see my Uncle. He is the last of Daddys brothers and I need to see him one more time

  5. Hey, Shell . . . I have a small shade made entirely of pink SHELLS!!
    I'll try to get a pic of it for you today on email. Thanks for your wonderful compliments--comments really keep me going!

    xoxo Debi

  6. How wonderful that you had such a great visit with your family on their visit - they will take home some really special memories of this time spent with you. Love the goodies - especially the first lady lamp. I had one almost like that when I was a little girl.

    LOVE the green sexy thing! Would pay $$$ to see youmodel that dear friend! You are having too much fun - (you go girl!)



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