Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Flowers, Flooding and a Fun Project!

Okay, today, It rained Buckets! If you don't live in the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii, or under some OTHER Rain Shadow,,,,,,you simply cannot KNOW how much Rain can fall in 24 hours! I settled in, worked on some projects,,,,including some crepe flowers for Joyworks,,,,,,which I'll share in the next day or two........

And I worked on "Her." Jana gave me this Vintage French Doll,,,,,I've been wanting one for quite a while, and just couldn't part with the monies Vendors wanted,,,,,,And Jana's was "nekkid." So,,,,,I thought about what I was going to make for her to wear,,,,,,and THEN,,,,,,,I remembered this dress I'd bought.......

From an Estate Sale I'd attended two Summers ago,,,,,,handmade, beautiful. I just gave it a "nip" and a "tuck" here and there and it fit her perfectly!

I bought this dress for $6.00. All handmade and embellished with lace and pearl trims. While I altered it onto the Doll, I thought of the dress designer-no longer with us. I thought of ALL the labor that she put into this ONE piece, only to be sold for 6 bucks. Truly? When I found it, I felt blessed to own a bit of her craftmanship, a bit of her legacy, a bit of her heart. And I'm loving it on this doll.

I know for the most part, I  personally work for "3rd" world County wages for my "stuff." And I KNOW I'm not alone! Support the Artists that you love,,,,,or they may just vanish,,,,,and you'll be stuck with stuff from Big Box Stores......I'm just sayin'!

Now,,,,,this newly "gowned" lady needs a NAME! Any suggestions? Let me know! Have a great week!

Hugs love and a nostalgic and appreciative "bus"


  1. Shell- the dress is beautiful on your vintage doll. You are so right- I can't believe you only paid $6 for that gorgeous little dress. And I had to Lol about your other statement- working for pennies with our craft making--- yes- I'm a member of that club!

    Your beautiful doll looks like a "Laura" to me--


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