Thursday, April 8, 2010

Celebrating my Mom's life today!

Today, My mom would have been 94. She passed away a little more than 2 years ago. I was her late in life "surprise" and she was my best friend. I miss her so much! I only wish I could be half the person SHE was!

Laughing now, because I wasn't sure whether I would post about this milestone, but I was reading other blog posts and listening to my music,,,,,and I guess my "Playlist" would be an indicator of my Mother's influence on me. I grew up with Classics, and a bit of Big Band, the old "Standards, but my interests continued to grow, and I learned to love ALL kinds of music and forgive the Lady Gaga,,,,Beyonce' and others,,,,,,I just love to experience new things!

I was blessed,,,,,, Mom kept growing and opening her eyes to new things all her life. I think I actually "look back" towards the "good old days" more than she did. But from her and my grandmother,,,,I hope I also learned to continue to grow, accept new ideas, concepts. I hope I always will

Mom and my dear Oma, (Dutch Grandma) always lived in the present. Yes, they remembered the past but looked for the good, and promises of the future. They both went through major wars, My Oma, WWI,,,where my grandfather was a soldier for the Germans, and yet, my Oma hid/fed and protected French Soldiers on their property.
Mom, an immigrant to the US, at the age of 13 before WWII hit,  lost her Grandmother, and a beloved Aunt in the war.

I guess, I too, look forward to the future, my youngest,  having had two tours in Iraq-which as a mother, has been the hardest thing I've gone through, but you go through something like that, and just think like HAS to get better!

I can't reach out and hug my mom, I can't tell my wonderful Oma how much I loved and admired her, but I CAN say I'm thankful for my small family, my dear dear friends in this community AND all the wonderful folks I've met in Blogland!

I hope you laughed today, did something you enjoyed, spent time or spoke with a dear friend or loved one!
And maybe,,,,,had a bit of a sweet, or a chocolate!  I'm going to post this, and please forgive my nostalgia,,,,but I'll have a piece of chocolate, a smile and thanks in YOUR honor and my moms!

Hugs, love and smiles, even through the tears today!


  1. Thank you for that... it sure made me stop and think. My mom is 82 and I usually feel bugged that I have to take her everywhere. But now I am counting my blessings that I GET to take her everywhere and I GET to have her close by. Thank you for opening up my eyes.

  2. What a sweet post... (and I love your playlist, which is rare.. I usually mute most!)

    Your mom sounds like a terrific person- one who obviously had a huge impact on others... I think every mom wants to be the kind of person you described your mom to be. How lucky for you! You had a first-hand lesson! ;)

  3. I hope you had a happy day remembering! Hugs!

  4. ohh I think we always miss our parents,esp. our moms, mined died in 84 at age 62, far too young. I just lost my dad last week he was 90 and didnt know anyone, a very sad event. He had alzeheimers for last 8 years or so. As for Iraq, i know what you went thru as my son is career army, he has been in 18 years and has done 43 months in iraq, three tours, grrrr. Now he has just had a baby with his french fiancee and is proud dad of baby sopie born paris, now she will live in germany with her dad and her mother. oh the things we go thru. yikes, can we get thru it???? hugs JoAnn S

  5. I was thinking about you knowing this was the anniversary of your Mom's passing.

    I left you a message on your machine on Thursday so call when you can my sweet friend.


  6. Oh dearest Shelley - what a wonderful, wonderful post. Now you are the one making ME cry! Your memories are so special and it is the little things that you seem to remember and I love that about you. You have a heritage that you should be proud of and I am so glad that you have paid a little tribute to that.



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