Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cleaning UP and Crafting!

Well, I finally got my Studio back in shape after the Ruffles and Rust event. Suffice it to say, when I packed things up the  a week ago, after the Event, being MORE than Dog tired, I pretty much threw whatever into whatever and put it wherever! So....Today I organized and cleaned -TA DA!!! And managed to get a Wedding Cake Topper Done.........

Wow,,,,,this whole photography thing?,,,,,,,LOL, What a difference between down in the Craft Studio, below and This photo, taken under my Chandelier on the Dining room table......Now you know why I want a better Camera and to take some Classes!

Lots of Creme and Vintage/aged Silver....I had fun making it! This one, IS for Sale and I can add any custom text in an overhead banner,,,or at the base.....
For now, it's going into Snohomish Bakery on their faux Cake in the front window........I've sold several from this venue......

Oh Lordy, I was GOING to post about my dear Sister-in-Law, Mary,,,,whom several of you have met  over the years, at Antique Sales, Shows, Shops and the likes.....She is the Consumer Extrodinaire.......

She finally got a computer and had internet hooked up,,,,and I'm sure once she figures out the basics, she'll be a force to be dealt with! I'll share more,,,,,and would love for some of my blog friends to send her a "hello" and welcome her BOTH to the Wide World of Blogging......And also, Shopping! I'll keep you  all posted! LOL

Glad the elections are OVER and at least here in Washington State we won't get a Bazillion phone calls regarding the running mates.........Ugh!

Wowza~ November!!!!!!!! I'm going to meet Lulu and we're doin' the whole Silver Bella thing in DAYS!!!
Too fun! Hope you are all having a Great Start to the new month!

Hugs, Love and a "Bus."


  1. Doesn't it feel good to get all organized? I'm craving that right now!!! Just want to clean out every closet and cabinet!
    Love the cake topper!
    Tammy :-)

  2. That cake topper is just gorgeous!!! Love it. Hope you have a ton of fun at Silver Bella!

  3. That is a beautiful cake topper Shell - Love the love birds - the design is just lovely! I can just see this setting in a local bakery window - WOW!



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