Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lovin' My New Header! Thanks Lulu!

I came home from  working at Joyworks today and booted up "Old Bessie," my Computer and was Delighted to see, I have a NEW HEADER!!! Too Fun!

Most of you are familiar with my BBFF (Best Blog Friend Forever) Sweet AND Sassy,  Lulu Kellogg. My "Silver Bella" roomie, my blog friend of several years now, Jewelry Artist extrodinaire, Animal Lover and Like Moi, always wants to learn and try NEW things!  Only,,,,SHE does fun stuff with her computer that I can only Dream of doing!
Like Custom Headers/Banners.....

And, recently I thought it would be fun to have a Change..maybe some colors and things that go with what I've been creating,,,,and well, that would match my new "Pinkness" aka, my hair. And I cyber chatted with Karen Valentine  (of My Desert Cottage about a new header, since the LAST time, my blog got a face lift,,,,Karen DID it ALL.....Buttons/Columns/Fonts, etc......And Karen DOES and awesome Job.  (I've decided to talk to her/hire her to help me set up some Pages/Tabs,,,,because Lord Knows, I tried, and am totally clueless.) Karen IS GREAT if you need help with the whole "Kit and Kaboodle." She's got a great new program to help you if you want to work on, or set up your Blog!

But, I am SO loving Lulu's Creation! She knows ME,,,,,and it Works! Drop her an email if you,,,errrrrr, I mean your BLOG needs a Facelift too!


Hope you had a GREAT weekend! I've got an Uber Busy Week ahead! And,,,,,,I'm thinkin' about a Giveaway again,,,,,

Hugs, Love and a BUS!


  1. Shell honey your new header is beautiful. I really love it and LuLu is the best when it comes to designing anything. I love this post about her.
    How are you doing? Please send me an email sometime and catch up even though I know how terribly busy you are.
    Enjoy your new look and hope your week ahead is wonderful
    Love ya

  2. Lulu and you are a great pair! You are both sweet and sassy and talented and giving!

    I love your blog heading and it really works!!!!

    Suz (proud owner of those beautiful lovebirds to my left...and a YARD EGG!)

  3. Hi Shell:
    Your new looks is YOU! LuLu did a great job. Lucky girl. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  4. Good Morning, Shell,
    Wow, LuLu certainly is creative...and she did capture the real you. It's perfect!

    Have a wonderful week ~Natalie

  5. It is a gorgeous banner Shell, I love it!

  6. Ohhhhhhhhh Ya'll! You are so welcome! I had fun creating this for you!

  7. I love your new header too Shell! The queen showing a little leg and her cupcake hiding place in her skirt. Too cute!

  8. OH MY OH MY OH MY OH MY... it is just BEAUTIFUL, I can't stop looking at it! GREAT job Lulu(girl after my own heart!) and are ONE busy girl.. good for you, if only I had the energy, and glad this rain doesn't stop you!!!!

  9. LuLu is indeed the the Queen of Awesomesauce! Love your header =]

  10. Now that is the kind of face lift I like. One that doesn't involve a knife. I love it...bright and cheery.

  11. Shell-love your new look- it's so YOU!! Perfectly suits you to a "T"!! Your sweet friend did a wonderful job!


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