Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy "Silver" Birthday Sandi! (Aka.... another Fab Joyworks Party!)

Today? At Joyworks? We celebrated our Dear Sandi's Birthday! I know, you're thinking, "You girls have MORE parties!" And well, yeah, we DO,,,,but there are 10 of us and well, whaddya gonna DO?

                  Left toRight---Rita, Sandi,,,,,the "Birthday Girl (aka as Miss Photogenic) and Jana in background)

Sandi recently told us all, that she was nixing the Cherries she'd been collecting and decorating with for years,,,,,,and was Now,,,,, collecting Vintage silver pieces,,,,well, You don't need to say anything more to a Joyworks co-worker and "Ta-da!" You are going to get silver,,,,,,,Oh, and  a bit of PINK!

Great Lunch, all served on Silver Trays, Tea from Luanne in her Mother's gorgeous Tea Set,,,,,and Clarice's Homer Laughlin Ivory and Silver Plates! 

(Jill and Sandi)

After our fabulous lunch, Sandi opened her goodies......."Silver Boxes" from Nordstom for a  MAJOR shopping Spree and gifts of  Vintage Silver too. This cute Silver Butter Dish from Penny!

Sandi got Tons of Flowers,,,,,,,,Tulips, English Daisies and here are a few early Plum Blossoms from my tree,,,,,,,,I cut them yesterday while they were still a "bit shy." The heat in the house helped them open for Todays event...........Sandi also got tons of other flowers, and forgive me. I'm STILL learning the new camera, so there are images I THOUGHT I took, but apparently I only got as far as the "Preview" stage........Hey, I'm learning!

My bag of goodies for Sandi.....Vintage Silver stuff.

After her gifts,,,,,,Dessert, Duh! Jill made a wonderful Cake !

Yummy Cake from Jill,,,,,,,,Raspberries/Lemon Zest, and Almond.........To die for!

Make a Wish Sandi! We all hope you have a Happy, Healthy and FUN year ahead!!!

Great Afternoon,,,,,,,,,,Once again, I count my blessings to be working and be friends with SO many great woman!

Hugs, Love and a "Bus" to all of THEM, as always AND to all of YOU!


  1. You girls really do know how to party! What a fun, beautiful celebration. Jill's dessert has my mouth watering...Denise

  2. It looks like you gals had a fabulous time, friends food and fun, dosent get mcuh better than that!
    Watch your mailbox sweetie!
    Hugs Lynn

  3. I may have to move to your town just so that you can give me a birthday party! I adore the parties - always so much fun - you girls really do have a great time!! Love these photos~~



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