Saturday, June 12, 2010

Look! Up in the Sky! It's a bird, it's a Plane,,,,,,NO, its........

These guys were in my back yard about 5 minutes ago. It's not an uncommon site to see Balloons, parachuters and small planes from my yard,,,,,,,,,

But LOOK at that SKY! We'll be pushing 80 today apparently,,,,,what a concept! I guess it was nice here last Saturday while I was at Farm Chicks,,,,,,,but I missed THAT day and the rain has continued!

So, being Western Washington, you can be assured that today they'll be Ballooning, parachuting, beaching, gardening, BBQ's and oh yeah, flip flops and SUNBURNS!!!

I doubt we'll be super busy at Joyworks today,,,,unless their coming in to buy Summer Clothes and Shoes,,,,,oh yeah, and the Sunglasses we are so famous for "consuming" in Washington,,,,,,probably because it's been so long since we've worn them,,,,,,,,,they're LOST!

Enjoy your day whatever you do and wheverer you are!!
(Hummin' "Blue Skies")


  1. LOVE the photo! How excited I would be if I looked up! :)
    Your blog is just lovely, by the way!

  2. Gray skies here, too! We opened our pool several weeks ago and we still haven't been in it! bummer. The balloons are just amazing, such blue sky.

  3. yeah for the sunshine, got out and washed the car, and hopefully able to spray paint a dresser!!! hope you are enjoying your day!

  4. Gorgeous picture - love that blue sky! So glad your rain finally stopped for a bit.

  5. What a gorgeous blue sky and how exciting to see the balloons over your house. Thanks so much for your visit and sweet note you left on my Italian pottery. Take care.

  6. Hi Shell!
    I'm so glad that you stopped by to introduce yourself. I don't know why we haven't met either!! Your blog is so cute and you are funny and creative....just my kinda girl!

    Isn't it funny how we all connect so wonderfully here in blogland? I'm looking forward to following your blog and getting to know you better.

    By the way, the love the blue sky and the balloons flying over, very pretty.


  7. YAY! it's about time, right? We SO deserve this gorgeous weather. I've been up in Everett at the Sorticulture festival - it is so awesome this year! You'll have to check it out if you're not working today - lot's of doggies to watch, cool plants, great garden art - and a beer & wine garden - WOOHOO! Have a beautiful sunshine filled day - hope you get to get out and enjoy it!

  8. Wow-hove lovely. Hot air ballooning is on my list of things to do. I hope its just as lovely when I do.

  9. We are just the opposite here in Southern Nevada. If we have a day that it rains we don't want to miss it. Come check out my blog. I have posted my giveaway honoring my newborn grandson. I think you would like it. You are already entered for two if you comment, cause you are already a follower.
    Love your custom cake toppers. Michele


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