Monday, January 11, 2010

Back in the Craft room! Here are a few images of some little Heart Boxes I worked on today. Paper Mache' Heart Shaped boxes using various embellishments. This first one features scrunched acetate ribbon.

Bottom Looks Green, but is actually creme. I think the reflection from the paper I put underneath affected the photo......These are all about 3 across at their widest point and about 2 1/2" inches deep.

This little box feature Music paper/scrunched ribbon and other embelishments.
Little red box featuring musical birds, German dresden and a romantic message!

More scrunched ribbon, glitter and vintage music heart punch! Too fun to make!!

Monocromatic Heart "Happy Valentines Day"
More to follow in the next couple of days! Including a new cake topper and a new Valentine Crown!
Fun to be back creating things again!!!

(Will be available either through Joyworks or my Etsy site.)


  1. I am so glad to see you back!! I have MISSED you!

    These are wonderful new creations!

    Love you more than my luggage!

  2. Ahh!! Your little heart boxes are soooo cute!! And of course, I love the sparkle!

  3. I love these boxes and the crown! I have made a couple of crowns in the past...they are fun.


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