Monday, January 2, 2012

Monkeyin' Around Today..... Giveaway

New Year's Part Deux??I don't know about the rest of you,,but today just feels plain WEIRD! I mean, it's a Monday, after the New Year,,,and it's a Holiday too! So,,,,I'm a bit out of sorts, but spent some time working on some Valentine Stuff. Yeah, I know, the Tree is still up and I'm cutting out hearts...... (I'm sure I'm not the ONLY one!)

So, here's a little Giveaway Box..........a bit of Romantic Whimsey.........

Just leave a Comment  on this post, if you'd like to Win,,,,,I'd love it if you Share on your blog,,,,but I'm going to keep it simple and Just draw from the comments. I'll draw the Winner Friday, Jan 6th....

Monkey Box (Giveaway)

I found a dozen or so of these Fun little Animals from the 60's, I think. Monkeys, Elephants and Mice. They've been fun to play with on some Valentine themed boxes......

I gave them "eye lashes," in some cases hats or bits of "bling."
(There are a few more at Joyworks, which I forgot to photograph before I took them in.)

This Mouse box has a box ON the Box
(lid comes off for MINI suprise)

I hope you're enjoying your day, whether you go an extra day off or are working! Happy New Year!

Healthy and Prosperous Hugs and a Hearty Bus on the Cheek!


  1. These are both too cute!! Happy 2012!!

  2. Oh my! These little boxes are adorable! Perfect for getting us out of the doldrums after the holidays! Thanks! And Happy new year! ♥

  3. Sooo cute. Working on valentines day sounds like a beautiful thing to do on this random Monday off. :)

  4. so cute!! love anything vintage and coming from your wonderfully hoarded full craft room!! :)

  5. OM Gosh!!! How absolutel valentific!!! I love vintage looking. Please enter me for a chance to win.

    Happy New Year!!!


  6. I am not sure whether I wished you a Happy New Year yet. A double one if I have. I love all your things - especially the vintage looking ones.

  7. Is it Topo or Toko Gigio? They are so adorable. I thought about Valentines, laughed about it, forgot about it and took a nap instead.

  8. You are amazing with all the creating that continues to go on at your place!! This little box is just precious!!

    Happy belated New Years- looking forward to all the creativeness flowing from those fingers of yours this year. Just thinking, gardeners have green thumbs what do artist have?

  9. These are absolutely adorable. Would fit in very nicely with my other animals.

    Thanks for your great note. Much, much appreciated. I am also looking at work possibilities and have started to talk about it. My mother -- who had me at 36, yes ancient in those days -- worked until she was 71. Once I clear away the fear I know there's some great adventures out there.

    Hugs and wishes for a great and exciting year!

  10. I came over from Buttercup and glad I did. I love the little boxes! Have a very happy New Year!

  11. These are so adoreable. Love the mouse...too cute :)

  12. Your little vintage decorated boxes are heartdorable! Today has been sort of strange for me also. Blissful and Creative 2012...

  13. I was thrilled to find your site recomended in the latest issue of Romantic Country. I have been trying the blog "thing" for over half a year and love it, especially when it brings me closer to inspirations like yours. Sweet creations! Thanks for sharing with us. I haven't made time to post on my blog since Christmas. You've inspired me to hop on tomorrow. Thanks.

  14. I love your Valentine box! I collect vintage Valentine decorations (boy, they are becoming hard to find)...Your creation looks so vintage and I love it! Put my name in the drawing & Happy Early Valentines. Tiffany

  15. Congrat's on the publication! I have a subscription to that magazine and thought it was YOU!! COOL!
    I would love to win the sweet Valentine Box that you made!
    Thank you!

  16. These little boxes are so sweet. I just love these cute little animals. Thanks for hosting such lovely giveaway. Happy New Year!!!

  17. Oh my gosh, these are adorable!!! just like everything you do. The tree is still up and cutting out hearts! love ya, Girl! xoxo

  18. What lovely quaint crafts you make! A wonderfully blessed new year to you and your family! Patsy from

  19. Hey Shelly,
    Thanks for all the great comments and enthusiasm. I have to have so much energy, I love it. I posted your give-away on my side bar too. Congrats on the victoria magazine, that is great. Hope the new year fulfills all your dreams and ambitions. Let me know how your classes go. Chris has posted some on our Hutch site, we can compare notes. Happy tuesday...back to work.

  20. Those are cute as can be!

    Congrats on your feature in the magazine!!

  21. Their darling Shell, honestly I don't know where you find all those sweet vintage goodies, maybe at Farm Girls? I can't wait!!!
    I'll post on my sidebar hun.
    Enjoy your crafting time.
    Hugs Lynn

  22. You betcha, honey. I would love to have one of those. Thank you so much for your dear, dear comments on my blog. I am sitting in the waiting room at Mayo while Jud gets a liver biopsy (his gift to Mayo-he will never know the results). I keep thinking of a line that was something like, 'Remember, it is not you that heals yourself" and translating, "Remember, it is not you that carries you through." Besides my HP it is my friends and especially my blog friends. I honestly don't know how I would make it through this.
    Thanks a million and a sloppy bus on the cheek!

  23. Hi Shelly!! Big congratulations on the article! Thought it was fabulous and loooove your things!! Now, what were you saying about licensing? Hmmm...? It is a really fun thing to be involved with, I think. Hope all works wonderously for you!!xo

  24. I love the boxes, they are both so cute. I spent most of Monday in my PJ's sitting in front of my sewing machine. It was a very relaxing and creative day.

  25. Hi: Please add my name to the hat. I love this cute box. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha


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