Monday, January 9, 2012

Do YOU "Second Saturdayz?" You Should! And Lulu's Giveaway!

Tonite I thought I'd send a "shout out" to some of my favorite people,,,,,,and their events! So first a BIG thank YOU and then,,,,,Check a few things out!

It was a tough day, truly,lots of tears but also smiles through the tears as some of YOU (thank you SO much for your kind words) and some "locals" that offered a "shoulder"/ virtual and real hugs (they BOTH count in my book) over the loss of my "old lady kitty," Holly!

If you're local, you should check out the Second Saturdayz Vintage Market at WarrenG. Magnuson  Park (Sand Point Way, Seattle). My friends Deb Bock and Linda Morrison host this awesome Monthly event, tons of Vintage/Antique Goodness, Tasteful Handcrafts, Artisans, and a delightful  bohemian atmosphere! Doors open for "Early Birds" at 8:00am. (Be one of the first 20 in line and get a special Vendor "goodie bag!"

And if you're NOT local, Check out my dearest Blog friend Lulu, of "Coastal Sisters" fame on my sidebar for HER awesome Necklace giveaway! Just "Click" on my Sidebar image to Enter! But Hurry,,,,,it Ends, Friday, the 13th. (You just need to KNOW Lulu a BIT to know HOW apropro THAT IS!)

Again, thank you all for your comments here and on Facebook about my Kitty, Holly. It meant a LOT!

And you know? Most of the Time? I don't mind being single. But -dealing with "stuff' like pets passing away, starting the lawn mower, moving a heavy piece of furniture and the likes,,,,,,,being Single is HELL!  No "Hockey sticks" about it! (That basically means that I don't generally swear,,,,,,,and instead of saying "Hell" I'll say ..."HE,,,,,,,,"double hockey sticks) But today, amidst shovels of dirt for my kittys grave, I swore a bit, amidst the sweat and tears....

I've got 3 fabulous pets to comfort me now. My "other" Tuxedo kitty aka "Tuxie," my "Golden" Kodi,,,aka "Codeman" and Shadow. But it's awfully quiet around here without the "Old Queen."

Pet your dog, love your kitty and Give your spouse or partner a BIG Squeeze~! Life is short! Carpe diem! Attend local events if you can,,,,,,and check out NEW or Known Blog friends!!!

Shew,,,,,,is Monday OVER YET? I'm Exhausticated!!!

Hugs and Love through the tears today,,,,,,,,and a Sopping WET Bus on the Cheek, I've been a Mess! And I'm Exhausticated!


  1. Shell, I am so sorry about your Queen Kitty, I cried harder when I had to make the decision to put my last dog, pal, to sleep than I did when my mother died. There is something about the love of a animal that incomparable to anything else. I wish I would have known, I am a pro grave digger and we could of had a drink and danced a jig. My heart goes out to you, OXO L

  2. Exhausticated? Is that more than exhausted. I'm sorry you had to bury your kitty by yourself. We do need a partner at times. Be kind to yourself and tomorrow's another day.

  3. Queen Kitty Holly will always be a part of you but it sure hurts to give them up. I cried that you had to bury her all alone. My pets are always there to inspire me, to make me laugh and even frustrate me.
    I have no words to make it better but I will remember you in my prayers.
    I saw your article in Romantic Country...CONGRATULATIONS...I only wish they had more issues.
    HUGS to you my friend

  4. Our 4-legged babies mean the world to us, don't they? Hug your sweet self from me and all my kitty cats...

  5. Oh Shell, so sorry about the "old queen". Our pets mean so much to us and it is heart wrenching even when someone else's pet passes. Hope to see you at 2nd Saturdayz.
    RIP Queen Holly....Hugs to you.


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