Monday, January 23, 2012

Penny's Heart, Friends and you can still scroll down to enter my Giveaway!

I was looking forward to today SO much! It was my first "Non Snow/Non Work Day!" (Well, if you create things for a living, or at least PART of your living, you kind of laugh when people say, "Are you Off today, or working?" ) I don't take many "days off "anymore,,,,I AM either working on stuff for Shows/Customers/Stores OR I'm working at Joyworks!All of which I LOVE, but in general keeps me hoppin'! So, Shell, are you "Working today?"

Today I'd say NO. Nadda. Zip. I had "this" a couple of weeks ago and it went away,,,,didn't get sick. But today, once again I woke up with an ear ache, a swollen gland that hurt and a headache when I tried to look up. Weird. Sinus? Allergies? Or fighting a bug,,,,,dunno. But I laid low today, read a bit,,,,,okay, quite a LOT and waited to feel better,,,,Chicken Soup? Check! Fluids? Check? And rest. Well, I hope I've knocked it out of the proverbial Ball Park once again, as I've known several friends and co-workers that didn't!  Anywhoo,,,,The Snow is gone and I managed to deliver a Basket and a little "somethin' somethin' to my dear friend and Co-Worker Penny's porch today!

I'd been working on some Valentine projects and had a bunch of Materials sitting around,,,,,,,and thought I'd make her something with a neutral themed "something."  I found this handmade paper I had,,, Some ribbons and vintage lace,,,,,,and well, I figured any "Francophile" would appreciate a "Frozen Charlotte" in the mix,,,,and this is what I came up with. (Penny Girl, You'll have to tell "Mr. Bill" That the broken arms/legs are part of the charm,,,,,,otherwise he'll think I gave you something BROKEN!)

One of the BEST things I love about my life right now, is that I have friends of ALL ages. Of course I have my Joyworks co-worker's and consider them all friends,,,,,,,some older and some younger than me. I feel blessed that my "Penny Girl" is one of those friends and co-workers that has entered my life. She and her "Hubbs" Bill,  have  helped me with Shows and Events, and I hope I was a good friend, back when Bill was having health issues. I love and care for them both more than I can say. Their friendships mean the world to me!

And as I type this? I'm waiting for a knock on the door from one of my newer and younger friends, Kelly. She moved in -two doors down from me recently. We walk dogs together.  A Golden  retreiver(My Kodi) my Black lab, Shadow and her "Jessi Girl",,,an aged and OH so SWEET Chocolate Lab!,,,,,,,,But more than that, we talk about work, life, decorating, dogs and "stuff." She's in her late 20's,,,,,somewhere in age between my two boys, and now? I can't imagine my life without her! Truly.

Now, I've got to sign out and call my dear little Friend Helen (92) who has been somewhat "snowbound" and set a time tomorrow, to get HER out and about once again! (She fell during the snow/ice even after I told her NOT to go out and "clean up" after her Pom....Mikey. ) She's okay, but sore,,,,,whaddya gonna do?

Blessing to friends, near and far! We can ALL learn a thing or two from our younger OR older Friends!

Hugs, Love and a "Friendly" Bus!

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  1. Blessings to you, sweet friend, and hope you are feeling much, much better!

  2. Beautiful may I ask where you find your porcelain figures?

  3. Beautiful Heart. How good it feels to do something unexpected for a friend. and long time and young and not young are to be treasured. Hugs...

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