Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Finally got my Hands on a Copy,,,,,,or Three! Romantic County.....Spring Issue!

Okay,,,,,,so? If you read the post prior to my Giveaway, You already KNOW that:
A;) My little Blog/Crafts were published in the latest issue of of Romantic Country Magazine.

B) The awesome Shop that I work in, Joyworks was also featured! Jana, my friend and Co-worker was my "Blog" inspiration! That we should be featured in the same issue was amazing!

C:)And THEN? That I got a "Teaser from my Dear long time "blogfriend" Annie Lorys of "Fiona and Twig" Fame. She's been a contributing Photographer for the Magazine for a while! Awesome stuff!

And,,,,",La,,,dee, daa",,,,,,her hubbs went to the pharmacy to pick up some meds for her,,,,and,,,,,ahem, Casually picked up a copy of the "latest" Romantic Country Magazine and brought it home for her. .....And well, yeah, (Yawn, sigh, avert eyes towards the heavens) She was  inadvertently Published. Oh,,,,Whatever, (submit photos/images randomly  to the Editor in NY and end up, once again Published in an AWESOME National Publication!)

I'm Making a bit of "Fun" here, I hope you see! Annie Girl is SO talented, so Gracious,,,and I'm sure ANY magazine would be honored to have her images....but she just sets her course for THE BEST!

I'm just SO honored to be Published in my Favorite ,,,,,,truly, Magazine,,,,,and honored to share those pages with my Co-worker, Jana, at "our" fantabulous Store, Joyworks, and my dear, talented friend Anne Lorys! If you don't yet have a copy, it should be out soon! If you live in MY area,,,,,,,I purchased several copies at Barnes and Noble today in Woodinville,,,But, they should be out on MORE local newstands SOON! It's a Quarterly, so you've go some time! :)

Yep,,,,,,I'm feeling pretty blessed right now. With Friends, getting "Published"  and tomorrow,,,,I'm exploring an exciting business opportunity! Great start to the New year!

Make sure you get your hands on this Publication! Truly, it is awesome! Great Ideas, Home Decor, and images to get you in the mood for Change/Spring!

I've got MORE Changes/potential growth on my plate for tomorrow,,,,,,,so, "I'm OUT!"
Love to you all,,,,,and hope your NEW YEAR is starting out with promises of NEW THINGS and growth!!

Oh, Shoot, and Don't forget, if You didn't read my LAST POST,,,You can STILL scroll down one to ENTER MY GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Hugs, love and a Busy, but Happy "Bus" on the Cheek!


  1. I was looking for a copy of the magazine after reading Anne's post and seeing that you were in the magazine too. I will have to keep looking. I live close by so I visit Joyworks as often as I can. Congratulations!

  2. Hi Shell,
    Just think-you are famous and we were your neighbor at Second Saturdayz.
    Kathy and Kris

  3. Hi Ms Famous!
    Romantic Country is my favorite mag as well! Congratulations!

  4. Shell- you are on such a roll girlfriend! This is going to be a wonderful year for you-- and it is about time! Can I have your autograph BEFORE you get TOO famous?


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