Friday, January 6, 2012

A Winner & Some Valentine Stuff........

Funny,,,,,,This Card I made today, Even reminds me of the Winner...........

Random Number Generator dew #21,,,,,,Karla Nathan of Karla's Cottage! Congrats to Karla. Karla and I met at  The Silver Bella event last year in Omaha! She's uber Talented and Fun to Create with!


Random numbers generated Jan 6 2012 at 13:15:53 by
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The Card I made this morning reminded me of her,,,,as I was "Sugaring" the Wings of the Cupids Wings! (If you know Karla, she posts often about her grandaughter "Sugar Wings." And then I went and drew her name! Wow,,,,(Insert Twilight Zone theme music here!!)

So,,Speaking of Music? Here's a few other little guys I worked on today,,,,,too fun but MESSY to make!

Made with Neutral Toned Spanish Moss, Sheet Music, bits of dried flowers, and bits of lace. They're about 10" tall.

(Don't even ask where I started working on these babies, because it isn't pretty!) No, my Studio was spared,,,,,I'd best go clean up!

Thanks to all you that entered. Have a Great Weekend! I'll be at Joyworks tomorrow,,,,,

Hugs, Love and a "Mossy" Bus on the Cheek!
(Hey, at least it's not a Moldy one!)


(I had Major problems with this linky today,,,,,,,,,,Tons of "Pop ups" and freezes....Hopefully it is all resolved!)


  1. Congrat's to the winner...
    Pretty moss wreath.
    Thank you for having this giveaway.

  2. Your wreaths are precious. I do understand the mess that this type of moss creates! Love the music twining. Blissful and Creative 2012...

  3. Good morning sweet Shell- I love your beautiful heart wreath-- does your mind ever run out of great ideas?

  4. Your treasures are lovely! I need to get going with my Michael's gift card. Congratulations to Karla and hugs to you!


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